Jean McConville’s daughter to take a civil case against Adams…

Gerry Moriarty reports the words of Helen McKendry in the wake of the release of Brendan Hughes’s words from the Boston College archive:

“I am now going to take a civil case against Gerry Adams. We are seeking legal advice on how to move forward… I don’t want money from Adams, I want him to admit that he ordered my mother’s murder, I just want him to tell the truth”…

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  • Cormac mac Art

    I’d like to see that, but it will never happen. As much as will happen is him been found guilty in such a case, but he will never admit it.

  • Fearglic

    I agree he won’t ever admit it. That’s not to say , of course, that he did it in the first place. Those interviews should have been published when Brendan Hughes was still alive. Voices from dead people are meaningless as they can’t really be backed up.

  • I wish the lady luck. If it gets as far as a court and GA tells the truth… Well, good luck with that.

  • joeCanuck

    The civil courts are usually beyond the financial means of most citizens. I wish her well too but nobody is likely to be willing to testify.

  • Paul

    gerry adams position is now completely untenable.

  • granni trixie

    On one hand, I believe it is right to listen and give precedence to what victims families and survivors want.

    At the same time,I have a sense that generally if the remedy of the law is taken out of the equation, then more versions of experiences and facts will emerge which together will give a more informed “truth”.

  • granni trixie

    Agreed, but what about justice? In this particular case ten children were deliberately orphaned. In addition their Mothers character has been deliberately assassinated over many years to protect the murderers and cloud the issue.

    I cannot blame the family for wanting action and I wish them the best, even though I believe it is a forlorn hope.

  • old school

    The British Government helped to fund the Civil case brought by Omagh families against alleged leaders of the RIRA.
    Let us see now, if they are as generous in this civil case against one of their main assets in Ireland.
    Will the British Governemnt fund this civil case as they did against Mc Kevitt?
    Of course not. Mc Kevitt was a thorn in the side of the British, Adams is their main man.

  • Michaelhenry

    how was mckevitt a thorn in the side of the brits oid school,in the 7 years that he was over the real they never killrd one brit or one cop,he was a brit asset.

  • old school

    So they reintroduced the supergrass system in Ireland to jail a “british asset” for 20 years??
    All offers by supergrasses to testify against Adams and Mc Guinness were rejected by the Crown, “in the interests of National Security.”
    Know your history, Michael.

  • Michaelhenry

    he made sure british army members were not killed deal in facts old school, do not mention the false war.

  • old school

    Do you think the British Governemnt will help the Mc conville family in their Civil Case, Michael?

  • Michaelhenry

    the brits will play,not pay, the peace game old school.

  • Michaelhenry

    the tout game is still being played out to day, in iraq and afganistan,the british army is still that stupid to think that they can win, in 20 years time similar storys will appear to show the brits and there touts in a good light in the arab world, it was the natives fault.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    maybe there should be a criminal investigation opened up…

    I disagree with Jean’s daughter. She should go after money…everything the adams family has. After all…gerry loves his expensive suits and expensive lifestyle…I’m sure her mother wasn’t buried in an outfit as fine and expensive as what gerry adams wears. For years people have speculated where gerry has gotten all his money…and it is often stated he gets it from his books. He supposedly has a summer home on the coast…they should go for it all!

  • Michaelhenry

    where is the provo, sorry prove, kathy c.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    Hi Michaelhenry. I like your play on words but don’t really follow what you want proven…the fact adams has money…loves his suits or that Jean was probably buried in an article of clothing not up to gerry’s standards of what he wears?

  • Michaelhenry

    what man or woman does not have money in there pockets, or do not like suits or the latest style kathy c.

  • murph80

    The one thing that Gerry Adams has categorically stated is that a dead man, his father, was a sexual pervert.

    If that is the case, and as he has failed to undergo therapy for the trauma this has caused him, is Adams i the right mental state to represent the electorate of West Belfast and remain a member of Sinn Fein?

  • Michaelhenry

    murph80, thats up to all the electorate not just you.

  • murph80

    Michaelhenry, if the electorate of West Belfast wish to elect Mr Adams, who condemned his dead father as a sexual pervert, it is their choice.

    If Sinn Fein wish Mr Adams to remain a member of the party, who condemned his dead father as a sexual pervert, it is their decision.

    It is not up to me.

  • slappymcgroundout

    Don’t know if this UK law applies, but if it does, a little late in the day for a civil action in tort:

    Time limit for actions founded on tort. An action founded on tort shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.

    That would seem to cover all torts. Farther down on the page, however, is a section that seemingly applies to actions in tort concerning death and/or personal injury:

    3)An action to which this section applies shall not be brought after the expiration of the period applicable in accordance with subsection (4) or (5) below.

    (4)Except where subsection (5) below applies, the period applicable is three years from—
    (a) the date on which the cause of action accrued; or
    (b) the date of knowledge (if later) of the person injured.

    (5)If the person injured dies before the expiration of the period mentioned in subsection (4) above, the period applicable as respects the cause of action surviving for the benefit of his estate by virtue of section 1 of the M1Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934 shall be three years from—
    (a) the date of death; or
    (b) the date of the personal representative’s knowledge;
    whichever is the later.


    Again, don’t know whether the cited material applies in NI. Related issues are the so-called discovery rule, i.e., when did the claim first arise given that it wasn’t altogether clear just what had occurred initially. Next is the minority of the children. Presumably, your law provides for the tolling of the applicable statute of limitation during the period of minority (and on the premise that as a minor, the human in question is deemed incompetent to represent her or his legal interests and so hard to blame her or him for not filing the action during that period of minority). The minority tolling issue is probably not at issue though, as the death was in ’72, so even a child born the day before would have reached the age of majority sometime in ’90.

    Next up:

    If that is the case, and as he has failed to undergo therapy for the trauma this has caused him, is Adams i[n] the right mental state to represent the electorate of West Belfast and remain a member of Sinn Fein?

    Gerry, will never have “therapy”. He understands, as do I, that this is not an infectious disease, so antibiotics won’t help, and this isn’t a broken bone, so some wiring, some screws, and a cast won’t help either. He said what he said so that people like you would not bash him for instead saying that while talking one’s way through the event and aftermath might be beneficial it is in no sense either medicinal or scientific. For why that is so, from Sir John’s piece in the Dec ’99 edition of Scientific American:

    The catalogue of our ignorance must also include the understanding of the human brain, which is
    incomplete in one conspicuous way: nobody understands how decisions are made or how imagination is set free.

    Nobody understands how decisions are made… And so it isn’t medicine or science. Explains why some are as wrong as they are right in predicting whether this soul, that soul, and the one other soul will once again commit crime (i.e., their estimate or prediction of individual recidivism is worthless as they are wrong as often as they are right, and that because they don’t know, nobody does).

  • Alias

    The toll will start from the date of knowledge (i.e. when she first learned of Mr Hughes’ allegation), and not from the date when the wrong occured.

  • Jimmy Sands

    “If that is the case, and as he has failed to undergo therapy for the trauma this has caused him, is Adams i the right mental state to represent the electorate of West Belfast and remain a member of Sinn Fein? ”


  • Rory Carr

    Alias’s interpretation of the date from which the toll will start (the date upon which Helen McKendry might reasonably be expected to have known of Hughes’s statement) might well be correct and I am inclined to think that he is indeed correct, however I cannot see that Hughes’s statement alone could possibly provide any basis for a successful action against Gerry Adams (or anyone other than Hughes himself) for responsibility for the death of her mother.

    I don’t see that the statement of someone claiming to be a witness can have any probative value whatsoever without the witness being available for examination on that statement nor can the staement be taken with the authority of one given on oath under the pain of imminent death. Indeed I don’t even know if the statement which Hughes did give was taken under oath and notarised, not that I believe, in the face of his unwillingness to face examination, this matters much.

    At the end of the day Hughes’s statement, while having some sensationalist value for chroniclers of the troubles and providing a source for much heat on the internet, remains little more than a curiousity which generates as much speculation about the mindset of the man who made the statement as it does about the actions of those of whom he spoke.

  • murph80

    Jimmy Sands, obviously you are another victim of the Sinn Fein brain-washing machine.

    It is crazy that anyone should vote for Gerry Adams in his present mental condition.

    The man is suffering from trauma as a result of the disclosure by himself that his dead father is a sexual pervert.

    At present Adams suffers from amnesia. He denies he was a top Provo, and that he knew his brother Liam (at present accused of sexual abuse of his child) was a leading member of Sinn Fein.

    Adams displays symptoms of schizophrenia. He claims he was in the Civil Rights Association which abhorred the use of violence yet repeatedly he refused to condemn the violence of the Provos.

    Anyone voting for Adams in his present mental state requires urgent medical attention.

  • It may be that in the end all this will amount to a fuss about nothing, another forlorn hope of those who believe in truth and responsibility.

    I really hope not I hope the McConville family get the justice they deserve. I hope the best political mind and beyond question the most devious operator, Peter Mandelson, can be persuaded to get involved.

    I do not believe he will. The cases are not the same. The evidence, if it still exists, is years old. Many of the ‘witnesses’ are also accomplices, and most importantly he is no longer involved in the north. I bet some sighed with relief when he went. Woodward is not in the same class.

    I am not a supporter of his, but I am a rueful, if reluctant, admirer.

  • Jimmy Sands


    Are you saying he’s overqualified?

  • murph80

    Jimmy Sands asks the mocking question is Gerry Adams overqualified to represent West Belfast and remain a member of Sinn Fein.

    The only qualification I know that Adams has is that as a barman he served drink to judges and lawyers.

    Perhaps Gerry Adams is overqualified for the job as an MP for West Belfast. He is certainly qualified as an accountant. On an industrial wage he has a house in Belfast and Donegal and access to a flat in London (sorry, the taxpayer pays for the flat).

    However, just like the Pope and bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, Adams and his minions in Sinn Fein have covered up the rape of children and other sexual abuses.

    Adams failed to notify the electorate of West Belfast and Youth Clubs of the accusation of rape against his brother Liam involving a child.

    By his own admission Adams is mentally ill as a result of his dead father’s sexual perversion; God only knows the state of his soul.

    No doubt Adams, regardless of his mental instability, will garner votes from perverts in the next election.

  • From all we hear he is quite well qualified as a mortician.

  • granni trixie

    murph80:I have also heard that Adams has a pad in Manhatton where he spends much time – can anyone confirm?

    I do not like it if you intend a slur on barmen sounds a bit snobbish. And to be fair if I have to,one of the few things I will say in GAs favour is that whatever wrongs or mistakes he has made he has no has shown himself to be equal to anyone with a higher level of formal education.

    (still not smart enough though not to have gotten into a mess over his lies).

  • Kevsterino

    Granni, I’m honestly not sure if Gerry Adams’ lies get him into a mess this time any more than it ever has.

    As for the new Maloney book, no surprises there from what I’ve heard. I’m supposed to get my copy Friday, so I’ll give it a go over the weekend.

    But my point is that, it seems to me, that every few months now there is a “new revelation” regarding GA and the same folks line up to call it the end for his tenure as MP, Sinn Fein president or whatever. I think it would make a headline in the Times if he got kicked out of his Saturday night poker game.

    It looks to me like he has those jobs for life or he decides to retire.

  • granni trixie

    You could not have “new revelations” if there was not much previously hidden to come out (worldwide “secrets” tend to emerge after a war).

    Although in one way I agree with you re the sustainability of Adams vote, this does not mean he has an open cheque.

    Look at it this way – the world and people are socially constructed so if Gerry is being reconstructed by item after negative item, perceptions of what he represents can alter and affect his vote.

  • gentletommy

    With the greatest respect to the McConvilles, shouldn’t they lodge a civil suit against the British government too? It was the British Army who allegedly supplied this vunerable woman with the equipment that ulitmately led to her death. Surely the British are more culpable here than anybody else.

  • gentletommy

    Not all of use agree Mrs McConville was an informer. In fact I would say most people think this is just spiteful nonsense, started to make such an evil murder look ‘justified’ to the faithful.

    Is this yet another attempt to deflect attention from the real perpetrators of one of the most horrific crimes of the troubles. I think it is.

  • gentletommy

    Pippakin, likewise, nobody is denying that the unfortunate woman was twice in possession of British Army paraphernalia.

    I am not trying to deflect attention away from the real perpetrators at all. The IRA killed her, and the IRA admitted that they killed her.

    The ”spiteful nonsense” that you refer to should be levelled at the hostile media that continues this pointless witch hunt against Gerry Adams.

  • murph80

    Gerry Adams claims he is mentally unstable and requires therapy resulting from the sexual perversion of his dead father.

    To date Mr Adams has not furnished any evidence to justify his condemnation of his late father as a pervert.

    Did the father have sexual intercourse with Gerry Adams, other members of the family, or the neighbours’ children?

    Was Adams’ mental instability exasperated by the news that his brother Liam was accused of raping his daughter?

    Is Adams’ mental instability the excuse for not advising the electorate of West Belfast that he believed his brother Liam was guilty of a heinous crime? Did this cause the cover-up?

    If Adams stands for Sinn Fein (the Sinners party) in the next election, will his psychiatrist issue a certificate to confirm his sanity?

  • gentletommy

    Murph, considering the often clandestine life Gerry has led, I’m not surprised he needs therapy. In fact, I think all you Irish people in the north-east could use therapy.

  • gentletommy

    We have no proof and no evidence that Mrs McConville had a transmitter. Brendan Hughes said he found one in her home. He is not here to answer questions. I still say she would have been of no use as an informer.

    As for the hue and cry after Gerry Adams. If he has questions to answer he should, for once, do so. He is like the little boy who cried wolf but these questions are valid and deserve full explanation, not a brush off.

    #13 was uncalled for. I am disappointed in you.