“As no such legislation will now emerge…”

As the UTV hosted PA report notes, the House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has published an interim statement on its inquiry into a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. From the interim statement

8. When we launched this inquiry early in 2009, it was our intention to comment on the proposals made by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and on the Government’s response to them in the expectation that legislation might be forthcoming within the lifetime of the present Parliament. As no such legislation will now emerge, we believe it would be improper of us to bind a future Northern Ireland Affairs Committee to a particular position. Therefore, we have chosen in this Report to publish the evidence that we have received from organisations and individuals in Northern Ireland and to suggest to our successor Committee that it may wish to consider future proposals on a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland as part of its work programme.

9. None the less, in order that a new Parliament may be as fully informed as possible, we join the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in urging all those who have the best interests of Northern Ireland at heart to study what is proposed for a future Bill of Rights and to give the Northern Ireland Office their views, whether in favour of or in opposition to a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights.