“As for imposing codes of silence…”

In the Sunday Times Liam Clarke identifies some of the hypocrisy of those in glasshouses calling on Cardinal Seán Brady to consider his position. From the Sunday Times

Think of Liam Adams, the brother of the Sinn Fein president. Liam has not been tried and is entitled to the presumption of innocence in the sex-abuse charges against him, but consider how the allegations were handled. He was moved about the country and for a time lived in America without those he was staying with being told that he was under suspicion. Gerry Adams, who says he believed the allegations when they were first made to him in 1987, did not inform other members of Sinn Fein or the authorities. The result was that McGuinness was photographed opening a Sinn Fein office in Dundalk alongside Liam Adams, who worked on youth projects there and in west Belfast.

Gerry attended Liam’s second wedding and was photographed canvassing with him. To any onlooker, or anyone following Liam’s career through the press, there was no hint of suspicion. What is more, Gerry told a meeting in north Belfast in 1995 that child abuse should not be reported to the police because “the RUC are not acceptable”. This was 20 years after Fr Brady, as he then was, and his superiors failed to report child-abuse allegations to the gardai.

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  • Michaelhenry

    you would think everybody else made mistakes apart from journalists,when lies are told in the news or in the papers and massive payouts are made there are not many journalists calling on those who told lies to resign from the media.

  • Medillen

    A further pathetic attempt to link these issues. “did not inform other members of Sinn Fein or the authorities” Lies, he may not informed Sinn Fein but the authorities were informed and questions have yet to be asked what happened with that information and why was it not acted upon. Another agenda perhaps, similar to Liam Clarkes’.

  • Mick Fealty


    Read the links. Clarke takes lumps out of Paisley AND journalists. The state has serious questions to answer, without a doubt. But the subject is child abuse, and the proclivity of larger institutions to cover it up.

    If you cannot deal with the content without attacking the messenger, then take it somewhere else!

  • Paddy

    Anybody involved in children is suspect. The Catholic clergy thing is complicated by a number of issues such as being dragooned into the priest etc hood as a child.
    The we have the professional pedo hunters, who are as bad as the ppedos. And the professional victims too.

    Regarding journalists: are young rent boys still available outside the offices of the Irish Times (across from the smack sellers)? Anyone else remember the rent boys in TCD’s toilets in the late 1970s/early 1980s?

    I am enjoying The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Seems secular Sweden has a few secrets too.

  • Medillen

    I have read the links Mick, and this is another twisted story, now thread, with one target Sinn Fein not the state or its institutions particularly the RUC and Social Serives. Its ludicrious, if not tired.

  • wild turkey

    ‘you would think everybody else made mistakes apart from journalists,when lies are told in the news or in the papers and massive payouts are made there are not many journalists calling on those who told lies to resign from the media. ‘

    ah actually, if a journalist sexually abused a young intern, and lets say the editor of the paper and/or radio/tv station became aware of the allegations and moved the suspect journalist to another paper and/or tv/radio station where said journo could work with other interns, yeah, i think the journo and the editor should be hung to dry.

    there are lies. and then there are cover-ups of irreparable human damage and degradation. your trolling class of 1971 MicealHenri was obviously schooled in obediance and adherence to a hierarchal dogma rather than any autonomous astute and dispassionate analysis of the evidence to hand.

    … but like the cardinal and gerry and countless others say, things were different back in the 1970’s. weren’t they just?

    so by inference, we should cut these dinosaurs some slack. after all if i understand pope benny and the jets correctly, the perpetrators, and those who collude with them, are also victims who merit our consideration and compassion.

  • Michaelhenry

    heard a whisper that liam clarke was associated with the stickies, those in the glasshouse always complain first.

  • wild turkey

    ‘Its ludicrious, if not tired. ‘

    Well it is both Medillen.

    A bit like trolls who, rather than address the issues, prefer the Ostrich position. A position which is ludirious and tedious…but enjoyable for some, eh?

  • old school

    Both Gerry and Martin were previously connected to the Stickies, so bang goes your theory.
    Did anyone find out were the two references for Liam Adams in his application form to work with kids.

  • old school

    “Anybody involved with children is suspect” Paddy.
    What a ridiculous, sweeping statement.

  • Michaelhenry

    what theorys that old school i like facts.

  • old school

    So Gerry, Martin, and Clarke are ALL former Stickies and all are alleged to have had connections with the
    British secret services at some point in their careers.
    Whats your point Meddling?

  • lamhdearg

    10.“Anybody involved with children is suspect” Anybody involved with children is A suspect would seem more adapt, paedos are the new reds under the beds ( no joke intended), i don’t even want to send my child to nursey school, this is a real scare story.

  • Framer

    “Paisley may not have known that McGrath worked in a boys’ home but he could easily have found out.”

    This is surely an unknown unknown, If Paisley was not told where McGrath worked why would he ask?

    And he wasn’t the boss at Kincora.

  • joeCanuck

    “Anybody involved with children is suspect” Paddy.
    What a ridiculous, sweeping statement.

    Sickeningly, old school, it is not. There are thousands of good people under a cloud of suspicion, sideway glances at least, because the evil ones have not yet all been exposed, both in the Catholic Church and, very recently, the Boy Scouts of America. That organization was forced by a USA Court in the past few days to reveal their thousands of secret files on paedophiles, files they hid from the authorities.

  • clancy

    “Clarke takes lumps out of Paisley AND journalists.”

    Indeed, Mick. Yet Pete’s post selectively quotes from the Adams section of the article. Surprise, surprise.

  • old school

    Joe, I was under the impression, Paddy, by his statement, was claiming in his eyes “they are all suspect.”

  • lamhdearg

    what is the posters take on any enquire that may take place vis a vis its scope, After all it surely can not only be into the rc church as that would be seen as sectarian (remember even when we where receiving city status we had to have one cath and one prod city newry lisburn), What/whom else should/will it cover, And if its to general will it lead to anything.

  • Brian MacAodh

    It all comes back to taking shots at Gerry Adams and co…

  • Dixie Elliott

    There was a time when people defended the Church as zealously as the Adamsites now defend their leadership not a bit wonder they got/get away with all the crap they got/get up to.

    Adams is no different to Brady he covered up for and moved rapists and child abusers about. Not a bit wonder that party is more akin to a cult.

  • Mick Fealty


    Keep that up and you are off the site, without further notice.


    Frankly, I care more about whether something is true than whether it is biased. There is nothing claimed in the extract that is not verifiably true. So I don’t see what problem you are alluding to.

  • old school

    Brian, the article was about Adams and co. taking shots at the Church.
    After Martins pious interjection, they left themselves open to ridicule.
    The Sunday Times today also have a story on British Govt. corruption. At least Labour tackle the allegations and don’t hide behind the “blame the securocrats” bull, which is as plausible as a Derry cop.

  • Mick Fealty


    Just to clarify, there is no evidence that Brady was involved in anything more than facilitating the signing of a non disclosure document.

  • lamhdearg

    is your umbridge with med in relation to his post 5,I am confused.

  • Mick Fealty

    I removed it. It was a classic playing of the man/shooting the messenger.

  • McGuinness messed up badly last week and I suspect that SF realise that. Having a go at Brady from the US has not gone down well with the aveage nationalist voter. Liam Clarke summed it all up very well.

  • Seosamh913


    In what respect did McG mess up ? Surely he has a duty to show some leadership on this issue, whatever about his own past by not remaining silent on this issue or, worse still, weighing in behind Brady and his ilk.

    I’m not sure what your grounds are for claiming that this hasn’t gone down well with the nationalist electorate are exactly but even if this is true, more power to McG for taking the position that he has done. In his position, his constituency runs beyond that of the nationalist electorate.

    Also, I dare say a number of the nationalist electorate wouldn’t have howled protests too loudly if some of McG’s former colleagues had shot known/suspected child rapists not so very long ago. Or is your point ultimately just more about a misplaced tribal loyalty to a now so obviously discredited institution worthy only of the utmost suspicion and scorn ?