“the Northern Ireland economy has operated under wartime conditions for nearly four decades”

Via Newshound, the Sunday Business Post’s Pat Leahy with a timely intervention on a national discussion. From the SBP article

So, like the economic benefits of ending partition, it’s not clear that the party’s tax-and borrow plans would actually provide the resources for the stimulus it talks about. Adams suffered a bit of a monstering in a RTE radio interview with Richard Crowley about all this last Sunday, exposing once again his frailty on economic issues. When this happens to Enda Kenny, he gets crucified.

When Adams does it, it doesn’t affect him within the party. This is partly because economic policy was never as important as the national question, and partly because most voters don’t take Sinn Féin that seriously on economic policy. That’s one of the reasons why the party hasn’t been able get beyond 10 per cent.

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