BBC agree to meet Plaid and SNP on the election debates – very kind.

The Western Mail reports the latest on the election debates.
From Ieuan Wyn:
“Unless broadcasts are held in a fair, impartial and accurate way, the legitimacy and integrity of the general election results will be called into question. That cannot be an acceptable state of affairs for anyone. The action the BBC has taken in putting together these plans is nothing short of a betrayal of the principles upon which the editorial integrity of the BBC is built.”
The Scotsman with its usual impartiality headlines: “Nationalists scale down demands over TV debates”….
And here’s the BBC report. I like:
“Mr Jones and Mr Salmond have also written to international press bureaux heads accusing the BBC of bias.”
I await the coverage in Zimbabwe and Florida with interest.
Update – a thoughtful and balanced post from Betsan.
Update2 – and Mick guides me to your friend in the North’s take.