Ulster Unionists set to vote No tomorrow (and world does not fall apart)…

Hmmm… and that is news? I’ve been puzzled ever since reading this OdEd in the New York Times last week… Slugger’s understanding that the meeting with the dFM this afternoon (called at the request of the dFM) went roughly like this… (note this is a paraphrase, not precise reportage)…

dFM – so where are we at?

Danny Kennedy – un-helpfulness of the “3 days to sort themselves out” comment at the weekend.

dFM – UUP dug a hole for itself and kept digging. UUP are now anti-Agreement.

Michael McGimpsey – UUP negotiated the Agreement and committed to powersharing.

dFM – Internal unionist in-fighting is threatening the institutions. All UUP media appearances mentioned dysfunctionality. Nolan loves that.

Empey – We are not anti-Agreement.

dFM – (rehearses an anti-Agreement argument.)

FC – We are not here to be lectured by you.

dFM – Then leave. (Shouted.)

Hmmm… I have to confess that I don’t get this. The DUP have been bending over backwards to get the UUs on board, even though the vote will go through tomorrow without any real controversy. Even George Bush has been dragged out to appeal to David Cameron not to wreck a deal tht the UUs are simply not in a position to wreck…

As they pointed out on the Now Show, political impotence is the order of the day from Washington to a post election Westminster government. And it really matters that the UUs don’t buy the functionality of the current arrangements at Stormont?

Not convinced it does…