Seven arrested in Ireland in investigation into a conspiracy to murder cartoonist Lars Viks

The BBC pick up on an RTÉ report that “Gardaí have arrested five people in Waterford and two others in Cork in connection with an investigation into a conspiracy to murder a Swedish cartoonist”, Lars Vilks. According to the BBC report all seven arrested are Muslims, while RTÉ adds – “Those in custody are originally from Morocco and Yemen, but it is understood they all have refugee status and are legally in the country.” From the RTÉ report

A garda spokesman said the operation was part of an investigation into a conspiracy to murder an individual in another jurisdiction. Members of the Garda National Support Services and the Special Detective Unit were also involved in this morning’s operation. Gardaí say they are working closely with police forces in a number of other European countries and in the US. The seven people arrested this morning range in age from their mid-20s to their late-40s.

Update from today’s Irish Times

Detectives in Ireland have been working on the case since late last year with their counterparts in the US and Europe, including Sweden. Those arrested yesterday are from Algeria, Croatia, Palestine, Libya and the US. They are aged in their mid-20s to late-40s. The Irish Times understands the suspects were taken into custody on the basis of information supplied to the Garda by the FBI that came to light after surveillance of the suspects’ communications, including e-mails.