“My understanding at the time was that they wanted him out of circulation”

Via Newshound, in the Sunday Times Ed Moloney added more detail to Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams’ less than transparent accounting of his brother Liam’s movements. This time pre-1987. From the transcribed article.

In the tangled and disconcerting story of Liam Adams, one feature provides an uncomfortable parallel between his alleged paedophilia and the scandal of Catholic clerical abuse, as highlighted in last November’s Murphy report. That was the practice of moving alleged abusers around Ireland to avoid the demands for action once their activities became known.

Liam Adams made at least six moves within and outside Ireland from the time that he ceased allegedly abusing his daughter Áine until the scandal broke. It is these moves, with Gerry Adams’s perceived reluctance to take decisive action against his brother, that led some to conclude that there had been a cover-up.

The New York episode, which has not come to light until now, shows powerful figures in the Provisional movement wanted Liam out of Ireland after his marriage collapsed. So in 1984 arrangements were made for him to be smuggled to America, given a false identity, and looked after until it was safe for him to return. He stayed in New York for eight months, presumably until the reason for his exile ceased to be a problem.