Six Nations Weekend 3

Fixtures for the weekend:

Wales 20-26 France
England 16-20 Ireland
Italy 16-12 Scotland

Huge game for young Mr Sexton at Twickenham tomorrow. Tonight I’m expecting the normal boring kicking and forward dominated game at Cardiff…..(I hope – can’t put up with a game like Wales v Scotland)
Anyway, here’s O’Driscoll on tomorrow’s centre battle.
And the Times on Wales V France
I’ll update the scores and prediction results over the weekend…….off to town to practice my French…
Prediction update – a clear leader with Mrazik on 17 (full) points, FBFO second on 16.

  • Neil

    Thing about the 6 nations is that the top teams seem to change regularly. Like when Wales got the grand slam one year and then played dismally the next. The real proof will be in how Wales play tonight, as it’s hard to guage the French & Irish performances without them having played England/Wales.

    If France run through Wales tonight as I suspect they might (they played some fantastic rugby against ourselves I thought, clinical rugby) then they will be the grand slammers this year. But if Wales beat France that opens things right up.

    As for Ireland beating england at Twickenham, if there’s one team Ireland can beat away, it’s England. They always give it that extra 10%. But here’s hoping Wales win their match so as to throw the tournament wide open.

  • Militant Mike

    Come on Taffy – do the business tonite.

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    really interesting games this weekend. Wales are always formidable at home and the French rarely travel well. That said, France are looking very good this year so I’d have to go brain over heart and go for a french win.
    England-Ireland is equally hard to call. Ireland should win, but England have shown glimpses recently that they are finally beginning to move in the right direction. Ireland have a very poor bench so if it’s close with 20 to go I’d probably favour England. Sexton is key.
    Scotland have a couple of key injuries so could struggle for 60 mins against the italian but I’d like to think they have enough to win.

    Cracking weekend of rugby ahead 🙂 enjoy!

  • BryanS

    Do you think this is a matter of Kidney at long last easing O’Gara out?

  • Greenflag

    Ireland have won 5 of the last 6 against England so let’s hope they can make it 6 out of 7 ;).

    After that Wales comeback against Scotland they should have the edge on France .

    I suspect Dewi won’t want another comeback repeat ;)so lets hope the Welsh are well ahead by the last quarter.

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    Bit of a strange game – thought France were excellent in the first 40 but went strangely off the boil in the second half. Odd to see the French kick so much ball away – but I guess it’s all about winning :(.

  • Dewi

    hmmm – all good entertainment but…Wales need a lineout coach.

  • O’Gara is a little too safe, too predictable. Opponents know what to expect from him. Sexton, on the other hand, likes to mix it up. Just what we need. Bye, bye Ronan.

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    and a passing coaching dewi… and a kicking coach… and a decent stadium… lol, just kidding about the last one 🙂

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    not a great game of rugby but a very tight game! Ireland defensively superb although England were very limited with regards to ideas. I can’t really see this England side doing much away in France but for now, the 6N Championship is still a possibility.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Its great to see an Irish team have the know how and experience to win a game that they probably should’nt. Even with O’Driscoll going off they had that know how.

  • Paddy

    What about Italy? And would the Limerick GAA have been better had John Hayes not just shipped? Limerick football could have done with him last year. Still, the price one pays.

  • Dewi


  • Lugs Brannigan

    Happy St Daithi’s Day!