Londonderry makes shortlist for UK City of Culture 2013

The BBC notes that Londonderry has made the shortlist in its bid to become the UK’s first City of Culture in 2013. Also in the running are Birmingham, Norwich and Sheffield. [Brian will be pleased – Ed] Perhaps… According to the BBC report

It is expected that the successful city would see economic and social benefits which could leave a lasting legacy. The winner could host events such as the Turner Prize, BBC Sports Personality of the Year and the Brits.

Now there’s culture for you…

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  • Garza

    Congrats to Derry, don’t see the big fuss myself, but oh well.

  • ardmaj55

    Garza. I see that there’s not a word in the so called Northwest Telegraph about this subject at all, at least not in the edition i picked up less than half an hour ago. Their still sour over Belfast missing out with the botched campaign they ran. No doubt gregory won’t like this at all. he still hasn’t come to terms with the end of the gerrymander of his hometown 35 years ago.

  • Ulick

    I see they’re trying to get the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann. That would be a major coup but I can’t see it, “City of Culture” or not.

  • Driftwood

    Up against Birmingham huh?

    for Telly Savalas, it was ‘his kinda town’.
    Don’t think he ever set foot in L/Derry either.

  • martin r

    Do they keep this going until the 1st April and then announce the winner.

    The Brit awards in Derry????????

  • joeCanuck

    That sounds a bit surly, Pete. Don’t you like Londonderry or the folks there?

  • ardmaj55

    Joe Canuck. If they want to have any chance of winning in Derry/Derry, they’ll have to find a way of not letting Campbell anywhere near the bid campaign.

  • Marcionite

    all this City of Culture stuff is pure nonsense. Its merely a chance to give our many nondescript dank cities and towns a chance to wear a rhinestone tiara and pretend they have something to contribute to the cultural arena of the nation.

    Here’s a fact, the city in the UK which is head and shoulders and torso above any other city in terms of culture is London. Full stop. Period. Does any other city have its cornocopia of theatre, opera, galleries, exhibitions, music, concertos, etc?

    No, so this title of City of Culture is just more politicall correct nonsense. It’s like the well meaning American town giving its Homecoming Queen title to the fat girl to make her feel better. It mocks the efforts of those who deserve the title and renders it meaningless.

    Ditto for European City of Culture. To me, there are only the following contestants for this

    Berlin (at a push)

    Any other city does not come up to the mark.

  • Marcionite, I am saddened that you didn´t see fit to include Lurgan in your list.
    But seriously, how can you place Vienna above Berlin? Cologne beats Vienna (as does Munich, for that matter). Stockholm? Copenhagen? Avignon? All of these beat London, Paris or Rome as far as I am concerned….

  • Marcionite

    Bavarian, my list was in no particular order and I have no objection to thos cities your mention being added to said list.

    My point is that if you are going to have an award, give it to the person,company,entity that deserves the accollade. Prizes should not be given to make people/entities feel better about themselves. If something wants to feel better about itself, then it should actively and vigourously improve itself.

    Let Derry erect an opera house and a string of theatres to rival Drury Lane and a string of world class art galleries and museums of interest to the international art community and not just museums about Bloody Sunday (yawn, get over yourselves, armies shoot people, it happened all over the world, the US army even shot unarmed students in American campuses during Nixon’s time. They didnt form an IRA over that so boo hoo to you) and the Seige and other inward looking self pitying projects Derry loves wallowing in.

  • I can´t say anything about Londonderry as i don´t know it, but as to the rest of the points, I agree

  • Dev

    Derry hosted the Brits for years so they’re well set up for that!

  • And pretty crappy hosts they were, if you ask me. If that´s how they treat their fellow countrymen, what will they do to all the poor foreigners?

  • Brian Walker

    Pete, Brian is pleased yes thanks. The interesting thing is that the bigger the city the greater the chances doesn’t necessarily apply. It depends on the mix of offers I think. Staging the Brits would be a problem as only the Odyssey in NI is just about big enough (the usual venue is Earl’s Court). But there are lots of other smaller scale events. The BBC have staged big Radio 1 park events in Derry and concert and smaller gig venues are fine. And don’t forget the pulling power of Feargal Sharkey! Of course Irish culture should figure big time. Only a few sad persons would think otherwise.

  • Dev

    “And pretty crappy hosts they were, if you ask me.”

    Now, now. They weren’t as bad as Sam Fox & that bloke from Fleetwood Mac

  • Dev – but at least Sam Fox was something to look at (in her day).

  • Spotty Muldoon

    The last time Derry was – arguably – city of culture was in 1613, when it became Londonderry. I’m sure there was lots of hand-rubbing and ching-ching of tills then too. Before we go mad at the thought of the economic benefits that might accrue, can we remember we got into a hell of a lot of trouble last time. Can we do it better this time please? If the city wins, what the hell are we going to call it for a start? Forget all that stroke city, maiden city nonsense. Don’t know about the Brit Awards, but Cheryl and Ash’s divorce hearing might raise the tone…

  • Keithbelfast

    the maiden city will face stern competition from Ballyhalbert…

  • Halfer


    I agree with your sentiments above regarding the absurdity of allocating City of Culture to cities like Derry as it cheapens the concept and in reality is a tacky money spinner. Your later comments however…

    “…and not just museums about Bloody Sunday (yawn, get over yourselves, armies shoot people, it happened all over the world, the US army even shot unarmed students in American campuses during Nixon’s time. They didnt form an IRA over that so boo hoo to you)”

    ..well that is just crass and inappropriate. I wonder if you care that perhaps those who have lost relatives in that atrocity may read this blog. Would you make similar crass, ‘boo hoo’ comments regarding Omagh?

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Any city that has two names (well is that a disadvantage or an advantage)

  • socaire

    I thought it was LondonsDerry

  • Is this facebook?

    Books have been written about them, films have been made about them but in one short entry, Marcionite (10) has distilled the essence of the opera-loving, theatre-going misanthrope, the cultured psychotic. The type who’ll cry for the fictional Madama Butterfly but not for his real fellow citizens murdered on familiar streets.

  • I dont care what you call it. Its good news for Derry and the whole of Ireland. I hope they win.

    I never thought London was a city of culture, but what do I know. I only worked at the ROH for years.

  • Marcionite

    my point is that people were killed by their soldiers during domestic protests in many countries but their deaths didn’t lead to decades long protests and multi million pound inquiries nor provide cover or justification for the creation of a terrorist organisation.

    Besides, wasn’t there a Bloody Sunday in Enniskillen and Bloody Mondays, Tuesdays etc courtesy of IRA?

    It seems nationalists can’t take what they dished out to Protestants. Even the Robert McCartney case in Belfast, you’d think he was the only murder victim that ever was the way his family and media conducted themselves. Ditto for the IRA supporting lawyer Finucane. Provos and their families can’t take their own medicine v well and subject the rest of us to decades of hand wringing and moaning

    No doubt if Derry wins, it would be little more than a mausoleum of the troubles plus a couple of public appearances of Bronagh Gallagher, you know, that very very famous Hollywood actress

  • bohereen

    So many unspoken truths about the Cityside,
    the split that dare not speak its name.
    When the state grammar school, Foyle, moves to the old Yankee base site on the Waterside then it will be a city of monoculture.
    No more mixing of secondary school pupils, across the great religious divide, in Guildhall Square, waiting for the bus home.

    Actually, very sad.
    City of MonoCulture, where is the competition for that?

  • Spotty Muldoon

    bohereen, well said. Couldn’t agree more. Marcionite, I would suggest that Bloody Sunday has been somewhat hijacked by the more extreme elements of our beleaguered society. And it is a big turn-off. However, your “all’s fair in love and war” analysis does not stack up even with the evidence that the old codger Widgery presented. The army, as a body of trained professionals, acted shamefully that day, resulting in needless loss of civilian life. Sure, Bloody Sunday is not the only atrocity of its kind, but that’s not a good enough reason to ignore it, or to ignore the wider implications of undisciplined armies running amok.

  • ardmaj55

    Panic [20] Well, the Derry name issue exposes for one thing, the utter hypocrisy of DUP/UUP politicians in the Orange marches debate. They argue that in Derry/Londonderry that the majority communty should take into consideration not to alienate the minority by insisting on their democratic rights, and when it comes to Portadown where the boot is literally on the other foot, it’s best not to mention the feelings of the minority there, since the logic of highlighting that, is to deprive yopurself of the pleasure of triumphalist and sectarian marches through their neighbourhood. Nice to have it both ways, Gregory. isn’t it?

  • Eleanor Bull


    There’s more culture in a petri dish

  • ardmaj55

    Eleanor Bull 3 You failed spectacularly to deal with the point in the previous post about the double standards of the orange case. Well Done.

  • Republic of Connaught

    I remember reading some poster writing here on slugger the justification for partitioning the north was that possession is nine tenths of the law. People in Dublin or Cork have no right to tell people in Belfast or Larne who should govern them.

    Which then begs the question which outsiders are dictating to the people of Derry city that they can’t have their city officially called what they want it to be officially called? How many people who live there call it “Londonderry”?

    Possession is nine tenths of the law, unless you’re nationalist it seems.

  • Eleanor Bull


    I responded to the thread opener. I didn’t read the previous post and, having done so, am still going to spectacularly fail to address whatever point there was in it. I’m not interested, I don’t care.

    My point, which can be seen in isolation, and was written in isolation of you muppets who witter endlessly in your points scoring exercises about the most minor and irrelevant of political points, is that, compared to Derry, there’s more culture in a petri dish.

    Let’s just re-iterate that for those who seem to feel we all hang over the keyboard, slobbering dribble from the corner of their mouths while waiting for ‘themmuns’ to comment so they can put the boot in…

    Derry: There’s more culture in a petri dish.

    Point made? (Probably not)

  • Mayoman

    Thing is, there’s usually lots of culture in a petri dish, often enough to cover 100% of the available surface and involving billions of living organisms living ‘peacefully’ side by side.

  • Drumlins Rock

    thats because the more agressive virelant organisms gradually exterminate any competition and thereby create a monoculture.

  • Mayoman

    It is true that the the ‘culture’ environment established by parition was not particularly nourishing and the ‘culture’ was therefore bound to become infected by such organisms, Drumlins. However, plenty of areas of good culture to be exploited in this particular dish, I’m sure. Being closer to the border may have offered some ‘resistance’ to the estabslishment of this monculture of which you speak. 😉

  • the future is bright the future is orange
  • ardmaj55

    EB msg 6. How you can claim to be above indulging in sectarian witterings while joining in with just that over on that sewer of a forum,
    ‘DebateCentralRegurgitated’ I can’t imagine. It doesn’t really convince.

  • And then what happens? one section of the bacterial culture wants to have a peaceful march from once side of the petri dish to the other and another group of bacteria forms a petri dish residents committee and all hell break out.

  • Gonga Din

    Sorry people of Londonderry your so called city is A Shit O,
    I really dont think you have any thing in common with the rest of us in Northern Ireland/Eire you have been isolated for far to long.

    Sorry thats my vote.

    Infact i’m not sorry….

  • Eleanor Bull


    DCR is irrelevant. Derry contains less culture than a petri dish.

  • Eleanor Bull

    ‘joining in…over on that sewer of a forum’

    If you haven’t got the wit or humour to keep up on DCR, just say so,

  • ardmaj55

    EB so you have no problem with DCR? then there’s no point in further dicussion with you.
    YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND OUT. You’re a 100 carat waste of space from your own mouth. effectively raw sewage. I’m on this forum for entertainment purposes exclusively. and You?

  • Eleanor Bull


    I’m not exactly keeping it a secret, you muppet. DCR is funny. Which is more than can be said of the up their own assholes types here. It trades in an honesty some of you can only dream of, being so keen to indulge in ‘intelligent’ conversation. Face it: this board is exactly like DCR without the wit or the swear words.

    I’m on this forum to make pity remarks about there being more culture in a petri dish than there is in Derry.

  • Mayoman

    Yeah, EB, your comments are pretty pitiful! 😉

  • ardmaj55

    Mayoman 18 I think EB meant to write ‘pithy’ not pity. Shows what a northern education can achieve.

  • Eleanor Bull

    Ah, the quality of Slugger ‘debate’. Reduced to pointing out typos because you’re all intellectuals.

  • ardmaj55

    EB 14. the insertion of ruc there is interesting. that SS should have read as 55 the number.