Exchanging ideology for identity

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Three responses to the Belfast Salon debate held as part of Exchange Mechanism at the Belfast Exposed gallery are now online at forth

Freeloaders rejoice, it’s not behind the paywall.


  • slug

    Thanks Jason for organising this interesting session. I wasn’t there so its interesting to read the comments. Keep it up.

    For my part I think there is a continuing evolution going on in NI politics. Its not as static as it seems. We have got to the point where the Assembly and Executive have quite a lot of power and nobody any longer wants to collapse it. The power soon includes policing and justice. All in all the Executive has a lot of choices to make and defend.

    As time goes on the electorate will start to judge the big parties on their record in government. The smaller paries will more and more want to oppose. At some point that there will be a leader of the opposition in Stormont.

    Politics is changing and has a way to go. We still need a left wing party in NI.

  • Jason Walsh

    Hi Slug,

    Not that I’m saying it’s a good thing but there appears to be little appetite for the left. Surely the left should be in its element with a global crisis of finance capitalism?

    Anyway, check out the other exchange mechanism events. There are lots of interesting things on between now and April.


  • RobertNoonan

    Jason. I think you misunderstand the left and the major challenges that it faces with the media 99.9 per cent controlled by right wing forces.

    The North is a purely sectarian state and it will take a long time before that changes.

    If you were to read and hear what is being read or said then it was not the right that created this mess , but others, who were the others. There are serious questions to be asked. Barclays declared serious profit this week, on the back of this crisis. I was called in this week and my wages cut by 15 per cent. so since 1208 my wages are cut by over 22 per cent. I have worked for over 30 years now.The left is there working away.

  • Jason Walsh


    It’s always been thus. Iskra surely had fewer readers than the Tsar’s press.

  • Garza

    I really wish I hadn’t missed this, thanks Jason.