Willie O’Dea resigns as Irish Defence Minister

Fianna Fáil TD Willie O’Dea has resigned from his cabinet post as Irish Minister for Defence despite Taoiseach Brian Cowen’s declared support this afternoon. O’Dea had survived a vote of no confidence in the Dáil yesterday, but pressure continued to mount today. But it wasn’t his “stupid, silly” comments which caused the problem, it was his swearing an affidavitt that he hadn’t said them – as former Green party councillor Vincent Martin pointed out in the Irish Times. And the Green Party may have forced the issue.

The Green Parliamentary Party met this afternoon to discuss the controversy. Green party leader John Gormley then met the Taoiseach Brian Cowen to discuss the controversy. “The Green parliamentary party members are satisfied that the issue will be resolved to their satisfaction,” a spokesman for the party in Government said following the meeting.

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  • He had no choice. I dont think I have ever heard such disgraceful remarks.

  • gmacor

    What odds an election before the British?

  • RobertNoonan

    It could not happen to a more annoying little git.
    It shows that sheer lack of respect within the 26 for Truth and Justice.

  • The Brits GE will be April, latest May. I dont see how ours could come first, they would need to be fast and these guys are like limpets, they cling!

  • RobertNoonan

    Oh come on!

    Iris Robinson is well known for her views, and her toy boy. You hear the one about people in glass houses and stones?

    I cannot remember the last politician I had any respect for and thats anywhere in the world.

  • Jaggers

    As I found myself two rows behind Enda Kenny at about 8.45pm this evening at the BT Centre, St Pauls, London at the inaugural London Irish Business Society presentation which dealt with NAMA, one of Enda’s lackeys handed him a blackberry message with what appeared to be confirmation of Willie’s resignation, and though I only caught half of Enda’s face there seemed to be some intense satisfaction with the news and a degree of distraction when Enda answered one or two questions from the audience a couple of moments later.
    I came away thinking again what a shame it was that politics at this particular juncture in Ireland was so partisan and well…. political. We should have a unity government to deal with the crisis and instead Enda is continuing the line of fairly ineffective harrying of the govt. A shame and Enda may live to regret it if NAMA is perceived to be not a total failure.

  • Jaggers

    Enda Kenny and Brian Cowen in a unity government, hmm, and just which to these two prima donnas would you put in charge?

  • Jaggers

    Pippakin, who is in charge of the Assembly – Marty or Pete?

  • Jaggers

    Now youve got me. Im tempted to say you couldnt get a hair between them, but that would be wrong, not nice at all.

  • Lugs Brannigan

    I would have thought Minister of State Emmett Stagg had greater reason to resign back in 1994 (The “Stagg in the Park” incident). As far as I remember FF stupidly stood by him. FF should cop themselves on and have a zero tolerance policy towards the other Parties and stop being the nice guys.

  • Macanna

    Did he apologise to Maurice Quinlivan for his remarks I wonder or would that be one step too far?

  • Pete Baker

    Quinlivan already settled out of court rather than pursue the case.

  • Macanna

    I believe he did.

  • Macanna

    Fair play to him for that.

  • Pete Baker Macanna

    I heard on the news that he apologised, although he did settle out of court, for an undisclosed sum?

  • Pete Baker


    The apology was [part of?] the settlement.

    The point being that Quinlivan is in no place to demand, or celebrate, further action.

  • Pete Baker

    I know, and I dare say no sign of smug satisfaction from Mr Quinlivan either.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Willie O’Dea is perhaps the most obvious example of a gombeen stroke politician.
    To be fair Fianna Fáil has more of them than Fine Gael (although they have a few also).

    On RTE Prime Time tonight it was obvious that Micheal Martin (one of the very decent FF types) had no time for the likes of O’Dea and was manfully defending the indefensible.

    It actually helped Martins case that FG put up Charlie Flanagan to debate with him. Son of the old Jew-hater Oliver J Flanagan it would have been karma if Martin had remided him that his dad was the “biggest cute hoor ever”