We’re back!

Our hosting company – EngineHosting had a mass outage for about an hour. Sorry about that now.

  • Alias

    Tell the truth. You spilled your Diet Coke on the server again, right?

  • Diet coke? You’ll be hearing from our lawyers …

  • Seems a general problem. Quite a number of hosting servers seem to have had an outage this evening.

  • You seriously pay that? There’s cheaper options than that!

    Sorry, couldn’t help looking them up.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    How come letters with fada in contributors names are deleted?

    Tochais Síoraí

    but below it’s

  • Nerdy,

    Expression Engine hosting is no trivial matter. Other sites are hosted for a lot less, but we were getting constant site outtage whenever we had more than a couple of dozen simultaneous visits. The only company that hosts EE well is the company that developed the system in the first place. We’re moving to wordpress shortly and that will save us a fair bit.


    I’ve often wondered that as well – and the current system is quite hard to get into – it only really does the English language characters properly. There may be a setting in the database that I could change, but I suspect that fixing this problem would result in me breaking the rest of the site altogether 😉

    In the not-too-distant, we’ll have a new WordPress site and I *think* that it’s a lot more tolerant and a lot less US-centric than Expression Engine (the current system)

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Damned Yanks. Thanks, Paul.

  • Understand Paul, I’ve used WordPress a lot and it should be a lot less stressful on resources.

    It doesn’t allow a fada in the username but does allow them in your first, last, nick and display names.

    I just tested it and tést is stored as tst if used as a username. There’s no warning and the username can’t be changed without manually changing it in the database.
    There *may* be a plugin to enable username changes.