Six Nations

It’s impeccable timing by the DUP et al to get all their nonsense finished in time for the 6 nations. We have a prediction contest here where I’m accepting entries till 14:30 – 2 2011 Wales Ireland tickets up for grabs !!
Morgan Freeman launches the BBC coverage.
Shane confident (in Welsh !)
A nice piece on O’Driscoll in the Indie. Apart from Barry John the finest European post war Rugby player IMHO.
The Guardian on Wales’s chances
The Times looks at Scotland’s finances.
Latest betting:


Results Update
England 30 Wales 17
Ireland 29 Italy 11
Scotland 9 France 18

That’s HHA. To coin a phrase you can’t win a prediction contest on the first weekend but you can lose one. I went AHH…

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Obviously Barry John was good. But did he ever actually captain Wales? Was he a leader of men.
    Not denying that he was very brave on the field but he bottled out of the game at an early age.

    A gadfly in comparison to O’Driscoll.

  • Dewi

    Just watch this Fitz:

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Your clip which I did not watch would not be relevant to my post.

    1 does it show him captaining Wales.
    2 does it show him leading men
    3 in your clip does he retire at 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32,33, 34?

    Good. Even excellent. But no O’Driscoll……not even a David Watkins who unforgivably went “north”

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    Poor performance by Ireland but as usual we did enough to win comfortably. I expect the lads to step up the intensity big time for next week but not confident at all.
    What happened wales dewi? Poor performance as well – very disjointed although I thought England were very effective for 50 mins. England could be a bit of a dark horse for this championship!

    Next week the real fun starts 🙂

  • Jimmy Sands

    The lack of discipline was a concern. I thought Cullen and O’Leary could both have been carded. The Italians have a legitimate beef considering many refs would not have shown one to them.

    The trouble with comparing players from different eras is the extent to which professionalism has changed it. As much as I admire a good sidestep, nowadays Barry John would probably just get hurt.

    Two predictions right so far, but my rash pumping for the Scots tomorrow may see me out. It all seemed very clear to me at the time.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Well a game we were always going to win.
    The Italians are always the best team to play first.
    Its the game where mistakes can be tolerated.

  • consul

    I hate to do a fella down but I thought O’Leary was shocking slow at ruck time all day. Good to get the win with no injuries. No point in blowing our best performance against Italy.

  • Dewi

    Anyone want to continue posting on the six nations? I’ve suddenly lost interest….

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    I thought TOL was one of our better performers! Individually more of the guys were okay – apart from maybe kearny who was pretty poor. Ireland play a kicking-based game which is dull to watch but effective for winning games.

    Don’t be too down Dewi, England played well, and both France and Ireland will find them hard to beat. Who you got next week: scotland?

  • Dewi

    Not that down – Wales were the better team for large parts of the game. Alun Wun Jones an idiot for getting sin binned. Scotland next..

  • Dewi

    Updated – all interesting stuff as teams appear more well matched than for a while. Ireland France now quite an important gig.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Alun Wun Jones an idiot for getting sin binned.’

    Indeed and while he was England clocked up 17 points.

    Wales came back strongly to 20-17 and then I guess they tried too hard and forget the basics in their understandable drive to get a try with time running out . That English interception was the killer but still the Welsh fair play to them did’nt give up till the whistle blew .

    I thought Trimble missed out on what would have been one of the tries of the championship . Had he cut inside before the last tackle he’d have been clear for the try line . And that would have been a beaut. still his run made the try in the end .

    Scotland’s rugby is in desperate shape it would seem .

  • FitzjamesHorse

    My take on the Six nations is that the pool of players available to England makes them favourites each time (with the caveat that any team sport is to a large extent about blending what youve got).
    France have the population but not quite the pool of players and I think not quite the power since European Rugby was developed.
    Wales, Ireland, Scotland need to be better than normal to have that good season when maybe one can compete with England.
    Italy…well yes.

    Having England & France away is on paper a trickier season than having these two at home. Yes I know it does not always work that way.
    I cant see Ireland winning TWICE away from home.

  • Dewi

    Only 4.3 million people live in New Zealand – they seem to do ok…