A proper leadership battle?

via AmnestyNI on twitter:

‘looks like there might be an election on. There’s Ritchie posters on Newcastle road & canvassers thru-out Slieve Donard.’

Any other updates?

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  • nollaig a chara

    Jesus i’ve heard it all now…..

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Well Newcastle is in South Down which is her neck of the woods. So no doubt there was not much of a problem getting volunteers to put posters up.

    And no doubt there will be a lot of her suppporters packing in and around Slieve Donard. I daresay they have a right to use “home ground” advantage but it does seem a little inappropriate.

    As the delegates sit around the bar and lounge in the Slieve Donard, I would imagine all would have made up their minds and having a load of Margaret Ritchie fans in your face is hardly likely to influence anyone.

    But using home ground advantage to this extent might be seen as just a little bit tacky. Not so genteel. Not that McDonnell is exactly genteel…and anyway he influenced the assembled hacks at Hillsborough by buying them a donut.

    Luckily the ladies and gentlemen of the Press are not not to be bought……cheaply.

  • slug

    Would it not have been better to hold the conference say in Portrush or another resort that is not associated with one of the two camps?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Well McDonnell is from North Antrim..so hardly Portrush.

    I would not have thought it was so divisive as to need a neutral venue……but the posters are just a bit tacky.
    A triumph of image over substance.

  • Here are a few people from within the party that have been tweeting. Obviously they are all insiders but it’ll help to build up a picture once we get a few journalists etc.


    I’ll be there tomorrow, [url]http://twitter.com/nineteen67[/url]

  • nollaig a chara

    lol actually fitz i know ppl down there and even during an normal election the SDLP pay a firm to do it

  • Paul Doran

    She should enjoy herself there in the Charlie Chaplin bar the right place for the SDLP.
    Eddie Mc Greedy is even doing some pR lately,We have not seen him lately.They won’t get that seat the next time.A Middle class party.

    If you are up there try the Percy French they do a good Indain, and there is a Lovely Deli up at the harbour

  • Cheers Paul, I need to find somewhere reasonable to eat tomorrow anyway. It will be my first time in Newcastle where I will not have come down a mountain in physical anguish beforehand in order to get there 🙂

  • nollaig a chara

    Try Quinns or the Donard…. good pints there lol