Irish Blog Awards: Nominations closing

Right, I have had my nose to the grind stone recently, so although I personally noted it I never got to blog it. Now today is the last day of nominations… Make sure there’s a quorum of Northern blogs (since Gerry Adams Leargas blog is extensively quoted on the front page of today’s Irish News he ought to get a shout)… I know Damien wanted to take it to Belfast, but last time I saw him he muttering under his breath about the bunch of useless feckers he’d asked to suggest venues… So instead it will be in lovely Galway this year… So fire way with your nominations, but get them in before 3pm...

  • Mark McGregor

    mmmm….I’l ask again, is Leargas a blog though? Seems more like an early publish of an ATN column for which the author is paid.

  • Mick Fealty

    Whatever way you cut it, it’s a blog. And if it gets you into other papers early that’s clever use of the format.