Nuclear options

We’re not at this point yet – not even close, truth be told- but shall we have a natter about the nuclear options?Previously unionists have been threatened with Joint Authority, effectively co-rule by London and Dublin. It’s extremely unlikely that Gordon Brown would pursue such a strategy so close to a general election. If it happened David “Call-me-prime-minister” Cameron would make a lot of Labour-destroyed-the-union hay and the SNP would, presumably, be cook-a-hoop. Still, it’s worth talking about, isn’t it?

And what about repartition? That’s been suggested a few times but never got terribly far up the political agenda as it doesn’t really suit either republicans or unionists. But it may, at some point, suit the British government to get the scissors our along the Bann (and Newry as well as, presumably, turning West Belfast into West Berlin – or perhaps east Berlin if you’re a unionist).

This is all aimless musing. Anyone care to join me?