Sammy Wilson: “This is a contrived crisis…”

Fresh from Eamonn’s Twitter feed at Hillsborough Castle… where he tells us the two governments are preparing to work through the night to hammer out something, or other…

  • Scaramoosh

    Yes – most likely contrived by Sinn Fein and Dup spin doctors, so as to get both Admas and Robinson off the hook.

  • Ulick

    Sounds like Sammy is feeling the pressure. DUP climbdown by dawn…

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Oh good.
    And do bars in Hillsborough get an extension to the licensing hours to enable our very finest journalists to keep us up to date with all this?

    Its not really a crisis until Adam Boulton shows up and the best Sky can manage at the minute is a bit down their pecking order.

    The World waits. Will Martin emerge with a piece of paper signed by Herr Robinson?
    If History happens twice…once as tragedy and once as farce…….then we have had this all too many times to lose sleep.

  • “The DUP needs to keep Sammy Wilson tethered to something immovable inside the gates of Stormont and away from the cameras and let Arlene do the talking, just spotted him on News 24, incoherent and dishevelled.” it was very sweetly put on the other thread.

  • Storm

    The DUP are kings of ‘contrived crises’ …so Sammy should know. DUP says that they need to gauge community confidence in policing and justice, should they now change this to ‘community confidence in the DUP?’ This issue has been dragging on for three years, how long should they keep talking?

  • Mary Ann Evans

    Nolan has a ‘special’ on 5 Live – 30 mins covering the current crisis talks.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Do you think that famous “Hand” is creeping up on Gordon?

    Hand of history that is!

  • percy

    thanks link for the mary-ann

  • percy

    gob-smackingly unbelievable to hear Greg Campbell says
    “Unionists don’t complain when nationalists parade in our areas”

  • Harry J

    Sinn Fein have already blinked and blinked and blinked….

  • Harry J

    a master stroke getting the 2 governments involved, Sinn Feinwill have to say no to dublin on a deal,

    Robinson has scuppered the UNCUNFs, Put The UUP on the back foot over unionist unity and forced sinn feins hand over bringing down the assembly..

    well done robbo

  • Mary Ann Evans

    You got a crystal ball there Harry – or just orange tinted glasses?

  • O-REP

    Not much has changed – time and again the DUP don’t go out on a limb to risk anything. They take every opportunity possible and push it as far as possible to keep their angry men onside. Not sure if this is good strategy or a complete lack of leadership. I read somewhere that it was a misconception that Paisley led mobs, but rather the mobs led Paisley. Even when they did eventually go out on a limb they chopped it off, hence Paisley’s political death.

  • Harry J

    Not much has changed – time and again the DUP don’t go out on a limb to risk anything. ……….

    what is there to risk? sinn fein had to step up to the normal levels of democracy by supporting the police, they shouldnt be rewarded for not killing people any more.

    In any coalition governemnt Sinn Fein have to learn to negotiate instead of demanding, they still need house trained

  • danielmoran

    O Rep 13 Reminds me of a line from a leonard cohen song to wit….”Follow me , said the wise man, but he walked behind”

  • Marcionite

    We in NI love the attention. Lest we become a nice but dull self governing region like Wales or Saxony. No, the international cameras, the Newsnight specials, the “now live from Belfast” Churchillian pronouncements by newsreaders, American Presidents and their wives etc.

    Man we loved it like a noisy high maintenance ex wife seeking a just alimony but since we got that and the house on the hill, we feel ignored. Noone looks at us anymore. Belfast was becoming as important in the world stage as Darlington. Oh no, we couldn’t stand for that so subconsciously we engineer another crisis.

    The trouble is, with the passing of time, each successive impasse becomes seen as contrived. The main international actors of the GFA are gone. Their succesors have only a pasing interest in our follies and soon, this will give way to contempt.

    P+J are important to devolve but surely only when we’ve proven our ability to run other key departments well

    I reckon the sudden indecent haste is due to someone putting a gun to SF. I reckon that a major defection to Continuity or Real IRA was threatened unless this totemic department was given.

    A broken and humiliated SF is not to anyones advantage. We’d be back to where we were in the early 70s ie a peaceful SF(official) who had no sway over the new guns, an impotent SDLP and a monolithic Unionist bloc who would soon be frightened back into securocrat mentality and a new IRA group without significant political cover and more dangerous than that, just like the early Provos, not giving a jot about politics.

  • scarecrow

    Something is going on if the smaller parties are arriving, according to Eamonn Alex Attwood and Allister Mc Donnell has just arrived and Mark Durkan to be there in the morning.

  • O-REP


    [i]”what is there to risk?”[/i]

    Well, surely the risk for the DUP is support haemorrhaging to Allister.

    The DUP know full well that many of the voters likely to consider congregating beneath the TUV banner are also the ones likely to be fuming and gnashing about parades.

  • Drumlins Rock

    ohh im soooo excited!!!

    I guess make the most of it guys its the last of hot house talks,

    it is isnt it?

  • joeCanuck

    incoherent and dishevelled

    Is that the N.I. equivalent to tired and emotional?

  • iluvni

    Can we have a referendum on the outcome of these talks please.

  • scarecrow

    Something is contrived, according to sammy’s tweets they’ve just sent a range rover out for big macs.

  • Driftwood

    Bloody good news for Leeds though, Charlton losing to Leyton Orient. It’s now looking like a Leeds/Norwich finish. An away win against Swindon
    and home against Colchester puts us back in the big picture.