Hillsborough to provide Sinn Fein with a plausible escape from their own dismal Ministerial record?

Excellent piece by Malachi O’Doherty on the latest extravaganza from Peace Process™ Productions: Hillsborough Castle: the sequel to countless other sequels…

The republicans sold the acceptance of the police to their rank and file on the argument that control would shift to Stormont, and this was a hard step for them to take. But further than that, Sinn Féin needs a victory in this assembly, having lost face on several other fronts.

They wanted an Irish Language Act and didn’t get it; they wanted a sports stadium with a museum of the Troubles attached at the old Maze prison site, and they didn’t get that; they wanted to abolish academic selection and have produced, instead, chaos in the school system.

So Sinn Féin’s choice is either to go for an election now, with a stance of strong confrontation with the DUP, having a case against them for obstructing devolution, or to go next year, at the due time, and to campaign then on their record in power – knowing that that record is abysmal.