“I believe they didn’t want to reopen the can of worms.”

As Mark said, the Sunday Tribune‘s interview with Áine Tyrell will be online later is online here. But here’s a snippet of information that affects the last few years of the timeline.

Áine ended the meetings with [Gerry] Adams [late 2003 until late 2005] by posting a letter through his door saying they were “pointless and I felt let down”. In January 2006, she says she went to the PSNI and had the case re-opened. She is enraged that the PSNI did not seek a face-to-face meeting with her until eight months later. “I believe they didn’t want to reopen the can of worms.” She later contacted the North’s human rights commissioner, Monica McWilliams, about this delay and also lodged a complaint with police ombudsman Al Hutchison. “As a result of that I was told two officers had received minor reprimands.”

Liam Adams walked voluntarily into a Belfast PSNI station for questioning in February 2007. He was released without charge. Áine claims police told her it took Gerry Adams four months to make a statement to the PSNI on his brother. “The police said he kept making appointments, then cancelling them because he was busy.”

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  • Cynic2

    Well, one has to have a sense of priorities in life and Gerry has so many commitments as Party President, attending memorials, writing blogs, authoring books and writing poetry, etc, etc, etc.

    Something has to give you know.

  • UlsterWatcher

    Cynic, so the fact that the POLICE (you know the ones who, unlike Gerry Adams, are legally responsible for handling such cases)according to the above didn’t get back in touch for 8 months is of no interest to you?

    Nah, forget the ramifications if a state body utterly failed in its duty…let’s kick a shinner, eh?

    Excuse me for being cynical, eh?

  • Shannon_Republican

    Not opening a can of worms is a sufficient headline…. Shows that the Provisional Leadership was corrupt at the highest levels and im sure Brit Intelligence was all over it and would have no doubt that they recruited informers because of it

  • UW, there may be an alternative explanation. In some instances the police can only do their job following political clearance; they can observe paramilitary wrong-doing but not intervene. This political strategy, devised by London probably in cahoots with Dublin, has been in place for quite a long time and has been labelled ‘not ruffling paramilitary feathers’.

  • Wabbits


    If Gerry Adams really cared about the welfare of his niece then he wouldn’t have sat around waiting for the cops to turn up. He would have doorsteped them. Like any other right thinking citizen would do.

    Adams obviously didn’t care for Aines welfare at all and thats why he didn’t bother to cantact the cops or turn up in person for a whole eight months.

    He was ducking and diving and hoping that it would all go away. The cops and their superiors were probably hoping the same.

    They were all prepered to sacrifice an innocent on the altar of political expediency. But in my book, because he was her uncle (a blood relative), Adams sin and shame is greater

  • Cletus The Slack Jawed Yokel

    Soooooooo, now we have the Liam was an FRU agent story….where’s Marty Ingram?

    Or do we have to ring the bell….you dont get one of those on an Ulsterbus…

  • Shannon_Republican

    Well i didn’t mention Liam or the FRU but if you honestly believe that British Intelligence or the RUC Special Branch didnt get wind of this then you are naive … Quite surprised at such at a lack of thought comment

  • heamaisbharney

    What I see in the article is that Aine Tyrell feels badly let down by the Social Services, the PSNI and by her uncle Gerry Adams. Because Gerry is her uncle and also a powerful political figure the hurt is more personal to her over Gerry’s behaviour, behavior which does not stand up to honest scrutiny. Gerry also, by claiming to be in a struggle for the rights of the people, especially against the power of the state, would have been her primary hope as back up, both as an Irish republican and an uncle.

  • Shannon_Republican



  • haemaisbharney