“I believe they didn’t want to reopen the can of worms.”

As Mark said, the Sunday Tribune‘s interview with Áine Tyrell will be online later is online here. But here’s a snippet of information that affects the last few years of the timeline.

Áine ended the meetings with [Gerry] Adams [late 2003 until late 2005] by posting a letter through his door saying they were “pointless and I felt let down”. In January 2006, she says she went to the PSNI and had the case re-opened. She is enraged that the PSNI did not seek a face-to-face meeting with her until eight months later. “I believe they didn’t want to reopen the can of worms.” She later contacted the North’s human rights commissioner, Monica McWilliams, about this delay and also lodged a complaint with police ombudsman Al Hutchison. “As a result of that I was told two officers had received minor reprimands.”

Liam Adams walked voluntarily into a Belfast PSNI station for questioning in February 2007. He was released without charge. Áine claims police told her it took Gerry Adams four months to make a statement to the PSNI on his brother. “The police said he kept making appointments, then cancelling them because he was busy.”