Now just a quick question for those at that meeting last Sunday…

Well, we have it from the Tories… and we have it from my esteemed colleague Owen Polley that the meeting in London on Sunday (when the DUP members left their Sinn Fein colleagues dangling in the P&J talks on basis of taking a break for the Sabbath) that there was nothing to the meeting other than the policing and justice negotiations and the further stability of the institutions… Well, that’s good to hear… And if that’s so, will we be hearing what the conclusions of those talks were? Will the other parties not invited to London be hearing those same fruits? Well, no one seems to have briefed Danny Kennedy who gave a rather different account to Gerry Moriarty of the Irish Times:

“We do not propose, however, to go into any kind of detail in relation to that [the talks] except to say we considered both the short-term, medium-term and long-term interests of all of the people of Northern Ireland,” he said. He also indicated that “further or enhanced” talks would take place.

Jeff’s view: “Politics is a dirty game…”

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