UK Treasury Committee hears evidence in Stormont on Presbyterian Mutual Society

The UK Treasury Committee met in the Senate Chamber at Stormont yesterday to hear evidence on the illegally-operating Presbyterian Mutual Society. There was some sharp questioning of the witnesses, in particular, if I recall, Acting First Minister Arlene Foster, by the committee chairman, John McFall, in one report I heard. But the transcript isn’t available yet and the relevant video isn’t online. The BBC and UTV reports play gently with the “savers” affected, but we know they were really investors, and Will Crawley has the memorandum of concerns presented to the committee by the Presbyterian Moderator. He doesn’t mention the “satanic attack” this time. The PMS adminstrator is still waiting for a ruling on his firm’s application for a five year extension to their current contract. And there’s this from the short Irish Times report

The committee, chaired by former Northern Ireland minister John McFall, questioned several current Ministers, including Enterprise Minister and Acting First Minister Arlene Foster, about why a solution had not yet been found to resolve the crisis.

Mr McFall also demanded to know from the moderator of the Presbyterian Church, Dr Stafford Carson, if it felt any responsibility to the 10,000 savers left unable to access their funds by the sudden failure of the scheme. Dr Carson said the church was very aware of the plight of its congregation who had invested in the society.