Interview with the life president of Perversional Sinn Fein…

Newt’s clearly been taking note of the bad comedy that’s been Gerry Adams explanation of his actions (or rather inactions) viz a viz his brother Liam… Sharp satire as a valuable political critique… Given the jumping about mapped in the timeline, not to mention the strangulation of meaning in the English language involved:

Q: Were any internal disciplinary measures taken?

A: I may have moved to dump some members out of the party, which can mean moving them to a dump like Dundalk to help run the party. Other members may have been suspended without notice, which can mean suspending them without notifying anyone. I refute the suggestion that this contradicts any of my previous suggestions.

Q: Do you know the difference between refuting and denying?

A: I both refute and deny not knowing the difference between refuting and denying.

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