“a grave injustice to the whole aspect of truth..”

An Irish Times report headline claims, “McGuinness defends Gerry Adams over handling of sex abuse claims”. But as the BBC report makes clearer, that ‘defence’ was another attack on the media

“Quite clearly people are using it to affect Gerry Adams’ leadership of Sinn Fein,” Mr McGuinness said. “I think that Gerry Adams has made a massive contribution to what is clearly now one of the most important peace processes in the world today. “I think those who try to attack him on an issue that has enormous ramifications for his siblings and his family do a grave injustice to the whole aspect of truth which is vital and key and central in all of this.”

The BBC might want to check the timeline… In fact, Martin McGuinness hasn’t addressed any of the questions about Gerry Adams’ ‘handling’ of the allegations. Allegations which Martin McGuinness has now stated he was unaware of. And, as Brian Feeney suggested in yesterday’s Irish News

It’s bad enough that Gerry Adams’s explanation for his inaction since hearing about the allegations in 1987 is full of holes, but what matters is that in political terms Gerry Adams becomes the story.

As “Gary Eves” told Newton Emerson

Q: So you feel that more openness could help those affected?

A: I have been advised to refer all further questions on openness to my solicitor.