“there is no record whatsoever”

In response to a series of questions from the Sunday Tribune, Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has again claimed that

“When [his brother Liam] worked in the Clonard Youth Club [1998-2003] I tried to get him to leave and when he wouldn’t I ensured that the authorities in Clonard were made aware of the allegation. It has also since transpired that the RUC cleared him to work in this project despite being aware of the allegation.”

Who, exactly, he “ensured” “were made aware of the allegation” still isn’t clear. And, as has already been noted in the update here

Spokesperson Brendan Dineen said the centre had reviewed all its documentation “and there is no record whatsoever regarding concerns about Mr Liam Adams during his time of employment at Clonard Youth Centre”.

Gerry Adams continued

“In the case of the Blackie [Beechmont Community Project, 2004-2006] I approached him myself and told him to leave the job or I would go to the management of the project about the allegations. In this instance, he eventually resigned his position. It has also emerged that the PSNI cleared him to work in this project despite being aware of the allegation and in the face of radically changed legislation imposing more stringent checks.

During this time I was trying to facilitate a process between Liam and his daughter Áine.” [2002-2007]

I’ve added all dates involved for clarity – there’s a fuller timeline here. And so that those dates can be compared to the dates for the introduction of that “radically changed legislation”.

And also because this covers a period of time during which Gerry Adams has claimed that he didn’t know that his brother Liam was also heavily involved in the running of a local party branch in Andersonstown, west Belfast. [2000-200?]

The BBC’s Gareth Gordon asked: “How could you not have known? You’re the MP for West Belfast, that’s your power base?”

Mr Adams replied: “Well, I can only tell you I don’t know every member of the party in west Belfast. I’m also a very busy activist. A lot of this happened at a time of intense, hyper activity.

“But I didn’t know. That’s it. People will make up their own mind on that and decide on their own position.”