Ominous words as the day breaks….

Gerry Adams speaking yesterday on the negotiations at Stormont as the Sabbatarian DUP take time out over he negotiations over the devolution of policing and justice:

“Obviously Sunday will give us all a chance to reflect on where it’s at…”

Although today’s stories in The Sunday Tribune may throw a rather different light on the particular nuances of Mr Adams’ statement…

  • USA

    Wow, that’s crazy stuff. The kids father and another DUP member! Three affairs that apparently can be confirmed. In her statement did she not say something about her depression caused her to act “inappropriately”?
    This seems to be more an established pattern of behavior over a protracted period of time.

  • joeCanuck

    Any comment on why some blogs are not open for comment?

  • USA

    Sorry, that Tribune page was dated Jan 10th (last Sunday). Did she really have other confirmed affairs? I’m just surprised that the info has been out for a week and no other media outlets mentioned it. If the claims are not supported with evidence I can’t believe the Tribune printed it. First I heard of it here in the US.

  • USA

    Hey Joe,
    Two questions.
    1. Did you know Iris Robinson also had an affair with the kids father and another DUP member?
    2. What are you doing up this late, are you on the West coast?

  • joeCanuck

    Usa; It was rumored last week so no, I’m not sure of the truth. I was away for a few days.
    No, I’m an Easterner; insomnia – got up for an hour.

  • tuatha

    Apart from the hypocrisy, financial fraud, donation skimming, lies and, did I mention hypocrisy, bed blocking/seat polishing, what is the problem with Iris finding sexual joy beyond her loveless marriage? Can anyone say ‘double standards’? Or triple if we deign to mention GAdmams.

  • UlsterWatcher

    Re the Adams ‘controversy’ – I just don’t get the feeling it’s having any impact ‘on the ground’ so to speak. I mean, I haven’t received any Adams ‘texts’ in the same way my phone was bombarded with Iris jokes for a week. Similarly, there’s noone on YouTube singing about Gerry and Liam. Noone has stopped me and commented on Gerry’s failings in the same way that Iris’ antics dominated conversation for a while there. It’s not that the subject matter is too sensitive either. Noone hesitated to make fun of Iris’ ‘mental illness’ on the viral circuit.

    I think Suzanne Breen’s increasingly vitriolic and irate comments on the TV and radio are a reflection of this. Suzanne seems to be stamping her feet and screaming, ‘Listen to me, listen to me!”

    That the Irish News has been running a daily piece entitled ‘The Liam Adams Controversy’ is hardly surprising either (although anything that takes up space normally filled by Brendan Murphy’s unbelievably dull photographs has to be welcomed). The Irish News has been an unabashed backer of the SDLP for years despite that party’s slow and inexorable electoral decline. I think the Irish News recognises also that when SF wraps up the policing and justice deal the SDLP will finally curl up and die. So, when a nationalist party like SF is about to achieve something monumental, something that the SDLP could never do – deliver a form of control over policing and justice here – the Irish News goes into attack mode. Well, who cares about nationalist rights if the Irish News’ well-heeled mates in the SDLP are about to be shown up for the irrelevant wasters they’ve always been, eh?

    As for the long-term damage to SF as a result of the ‘Liam scandal’ – well, I don’t think it’ll have the impact some of you are hoping for. Remember a while back a girl was raped in West Belfast? SF hesitated in telling the girl to use the cops because at the time they hadn’t fully signed up to back the police. Many thought this would cripple SF. Well, it didn’t.

    Actually, if Adams does step down it will be a good thing for SF. Adams has become a bit of a grumpy old man of late. His star has long since faded. McGuinness has been doing a superb job and has proved to be a huge challenge for unionism. Not having Adams around ‘stinking out the place’ will free McGuinness to get on with the job without having to fend off difficult questions. This will leave SF much stronger, in the north at least.

    Adams’ departure will prove to be something of a pyrrhic victory for his enemies, methinks.

  • TellMeMa

    I read an interview of Adams a couple of years ago (sorry cannot remember where) in which Adams said he would dearly love to retire.

    Someone on Slugger who keeps more tabs on what goes on in NI would likely know.

  • BelfastYid

    Ulsterwatcher, I have been saying the same for days. People think because something is on this site or in The Sunday Tribune it must be big news everywhere. The Adams story is just not a big deal on the street, sorry Suzanne and Mick. I have heard more talk about Rafa than Geryy lol. Only Anti SF interested, rightly or wrongly, not an interesting story to must.

  • Mick Fealty


    So you say… The Tribune story has some names and not others, but it does mention an elected SF member as an alleged abuser.

    A name would have done much less damage. As it stands, what do you think they are going to be talking about in the Rock tonight?

    You also need to look at who is now talking to Breen. These are mainstream SF people, not the ‘usual suspects’.

  • BelfastYid

    Give it up Mick, no one cares lol. I only joined this site last week and can’t understand the anti Gerry and anti SF stance from you, what did they do to you? lol. Are you in fact Suzanne Breen lol [play the ball, not the man – mods]

    PS I have no love for SF as I consider myself a socialist.

  • BelfastYid

    mods, please explain what was wrong with my post, No. 11?

  • UlsterWatcher

    Mick wrote, “A name would have done much less damage. As it stands, what do you think they are going to be talking about in the Rock tonight?”

    This made me laugh out loud.

    Er, sorry Mick, but it won’t be the Adams ‘story’.
    More likely it’ll be the kickabout at the the Larne-Newry match (which made the much maligned GAA ‘violence’ look tame – but we won’t hear that on UTV, will we)or they’ll be discussing the current dire state of Celtic. The potential political ramifications of abuse that Adams didn’t commit won’t be dominating the banter in The Rock tonight, I can assure you. You’re obviously not a regular to that pub – or West Belfast either, eh Mick?

    One other point, you mention ‘mainstream’ republicans feeding these stories…that sort of backs up my point that Adams s being shunted aside, doesn’t it?

    It also backs up my point that this non-scandal isn’t gaining any ground in the wider community and that SF will emerge stronger out of it – especially if Adams and his vain search for power in the South is removed.

  • Mick Fealty


    So you think this is a coup?

  • UlsterWatcher

    I don’t know, Mick.

    I think if the Shinners en masse really wanted Adams out they would have gone about it in a much more subtle way.

    Although, this method ensures he can never come back – and will be unable to stir things in the background.

    I get the feeling that the timing of these stories has been fortuitous for certain people in SF. Apart from Mary Lou’s vain efforts there hasn’t been much support coming from other senior party members.

    Adams has become a bit of a loose cannon. And I think also that many Northern SF figures are keen to abandon the All-Ireland SF dream that Adams is fixated about.

    It’s not a coup, but if it has the same result I think SF will be the better for it.

    Adams’ legacy is intact. We’d still be getting beaten off the streets by the bigots in the RUC if it wasn’t for him. For that I am grateful.

  • alf

    why are certain topics not up fir comment, seems a bit fishy ?

  • alf


  • Mick Fealty

    Because we’ve not got enough moderators to keep them ‘clean’… We’ll try to get them open when we can get the time…

  • alf

    you do that,

  • joeCanuck

    I’ll volunteer as a temp mod, Mick, while this “crisis” is ongoing.

  • heamaisbharney

    “Re the Adams ‘controversy’ – I just don’t get the feeling it’s having any impact ‘on the ground’ so to speak. I mean, I haven’t received any Adams ‘texts’ in the same way my phone was bombarded with Iris jokes for a week” ulster watcher

    found this over at a while ago

    In the fields of paedophilia
    We fight the gallant fight.
    For Saxon foe or Belfast Hun
    We care not day or night;
    And for the victims of abuse, me boys
    Our cares we carry light.
    Led by our gallant Gerry
    And his beardy brother too,
    We’ll fight for dear old Ireland
    And we’ll make a £ or two.
    There are jobs on every quango,
    There’s a good ‘industrial wage’,
    And Gerry can forget we met
    Or ever did engage
    At party level,
    Like any old devil
    Protective of his standing,
    Worried about his branding
    As a cynical old beardy fucker
    Who cares for no one foe or mucker.

  • UlsterWatcher

    Aye, heamais, that’s flying around mobiles and the net like wildfire.


    Try harder, son.

  • jack

    UW I have just sent on heamaisbharney to all and sundry ,only for you … thanks.

  • Whether or not this is doing damage to Gerry Adams and SF in the Rock Bar – a pub I frequented – is one question -but I do think that the story will not help SF south of the border and may well push it further and faster down an incline which it appears to be on for some time now.