Royal Black to support African hospital in 2010

The Royal Black Institution has made Kiwoko Hospital in Africa its designated charity for 2010.

The text below is based on a News Letter article which is not online…`rejigged` it a good bit to avoid any issues but just acknowledging the original.

The hospital is a community-based facility of 245 beds in the Luwero area of Uganda and has been chosen by the institution to benefit from fundraising over the next year.

Last year the Royal Black Institution raised money for Diabetes UK (Northern Ireland), and recently presented £77,000 to the charity.

Kiwoko Hospital was opened in 1988 by Bangor man, Dr Ian Clarke.

Dr Clarke, his family and other people from the Province helped to build up the hospital over many years to serve a population of tens of thousands inan area half the size of Ulster which was without any doctors. Last year, 1,500 HIV cases were treated at the hospital.

Uganda has 2000 doctors to serve a population of 30 million, one-third of whom regularly go without food. The average income per head of population is $360 per year.

The Kiwoko Hospital is a Christian-based centre, which also has a dedicated mission helping to spread the Christian message in the area. The motto of the hospital is, We treat, Jesus saves.

Sovereign Grand Master Millar Farr said: “In 2008 we concentrated our fundraising activities on helping Diabetes UK. It was an extremely worthwhile cause and we believe that we have enhanced the lives of many people, thanks to the research that the charity is carrying out.

“The response to the fundraising has been terrific and I want to thank everyone who contributed to help Diabetes UK.

“For 2010 we have decided to look further afield. The Kiwoko Hospital is a wonderful example of how Christian people can help the health of a nation. The work being done there is literally lifesaving.

“There are very obvious links with Northern Ireland and I am delighted that it has been chosen as our charity for this year.”

As part of the institution’s ongoing commitment to Christian and charitable outreach, plans have been made to send a work party to Kiwoko in the summer of 2011 to provide practical as well as financial support for the hospital’s work.

Since 2002, the Royal Black Institution has contributed almos’ £320,000 to a series of designated charities.

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