Royal Black to support African hospital in 2010

The Royal Black Institution has made Kiwoko Hospital in Africa its designated charity for 2010.

The text below is based on a News Letter article which is not online…`rejigged` it a good bit to avoid any issues but just acknowledging the original.

The hospital is a community-based facility of 245 beds in the Luwero area of Uganda and has been chosen by the institution to benefit from fundraising over the next year.

Last year the Royal Black Institution raised money for Diabetes UK (Northern Ireland), and recently presented £77,000 to the charity.

Kiwoko Hospital was opened in 1988 by Bangor man, Dr Ian Clarke.

Dr Clarke, his family and other people from the Province helped to build up the hospital over many years to serve a population of tens of thousands inan area half the size of Ulster which was without any doctors. Last year, 1,500 HIV cases were treated at the hospital.

Uganda has 2000 doctors to serve a population of 30 million, one-third of whom regularly go without food. The average income per head of population is $360 per year.

The Kiwoko Hospital is a Christian-based centre, which also has a dedicated mission helping to spread the Christian message in the area. The motto of the hospital is, We treat, Jesus saves.

Sovereign Grand Master Millar Farr said: “In 2008 we concentrated our fundraising activities on helping Diabetes UK. It was an extremely worthwhile cause and we believe that we have enhanced the lives of many people, thanks to the research that the charity is carrying out.

“The response to the fundraising has been terrific and I want to thank everyone who contributed to help Diabetes UK.

“For 2010 we have decided to look further afield. The Kiwoko Hospital is a wonderful example of how Christian people can help the health of a nation. The work being done there is literally lifesaving.

“There are very obvious links with Northern Ireland and I am delighted that it has been chosen as our charity for this year.”

As part of the institution’s ongoing commitment to Christian and charitable outreach, plans have been made to send a work party to Kiwoko in the summer of 2011 to provide practical as well as financial support for the hospital’s work.

Since 2002, the Royal Black Institution has contributed almos’ £320,000 to a series of designated charities.

  • Drumlins Rock

    OK before the Christian bashing starts, I would like to say I look forward to supporting the appeal this year, and in case anyone is wondering the choice of charities its generally year about with a local medical charity (was MS society I think 3 yrs ago) and a Christian charity (Open Doors was 2 yrs ago) normally it raises between 70-80K.
    I dont really remember the wars in Uganda, it is a country that is making good progress, but has a long way to go yet, It has also developed alot of ties with NI over recent years, not all one way, up to recently there was a Ugandan Methodist minister in Tyrone, I’m sure if we pass the bucket round yous will all give generously.

  • Greenflag

    ‘We treat, Jesus saves.’

    Not in Haiti he doesn’t . So far he’s killed about 50,000 .

    I had a Ugandan friend some years ago who was a veterinary surgeon educated in Edinburgh who ‘escaped’ from Uganda during Idi Amin’s reign . Amin’s goons exterminated the rest of his family and most of his tribe . They were too highly educated for Idi’s liking ;(

    Kudos to the Royal Black anyway for their charitable giving -I’ll pass on their proclaimed christianity but commend them for their practical help to a long suffering country.

  • joeCanuck

    Not in Haiti he doesn’t . So far he’s killed about 50,000 .

    Hope you’re not a closet fan of Pat Robertson, Greenflag.

    Anyway, don’t forget to send money to charities helping in Haiti.
    The Canadian Government has pledged to match individual donations. They did that too for the tsunami disaster. Does the UK do anything similar?

  • The Raven

    Joe, fight hard enough, they might get the VAT back on any sale-able items. If it’s a war you want, they’ll send troops, like.


  • Luwero, where this hospital is located, was worst affected by violence during Milton Obote’s second Presidential term (ie post Idi Amin) when he killed off several hundred thousand of the civilian population in 1981-86. Because Obote did not have the deranged dictator image of Amin he was able to get away with worse abuses.

  • `Not in Haiti he doesn’t . So far he’s killed about 50,000 .`..erm everyone is going to die, it is only the timing and method that changes. `For thwe wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is Eternal Life through Jesus Christ Our Lord`

  • Greenflag

    joecanuck ,

    ‘Hope you’re not a closet fan of Pat Robertson’

    That’s one sanctimonious retard who gives ‘religion’ an already worse name than it’s got . Chap would be committed to a lunatic asylum if he had’nt looted enough money from his gobshite followers already 🙁

    There’s several born every minute alas .

  • Greenflag

    kilsally ,

    ‘everyone is going to die it is only the timing and method that changes.’

    So this week the Lord was in earthquake mode ? What’ll it be next week ? A nice tsunami or perhaps an avalanche? or a genocidal war in central Africa . I suppose as a follower of the old testament the concept of a heartless and vengeful God who wreaks personal vendettas against any or all who are not his chosen must be a comfort .

    It’s just a crock oul son for the weak, and a handy excuse for the corrupt to pull the wool over the sheep’s eyes . Life is not a dress rehearsal for anything else . Enjoy it and try to help as many of your fellow human beings practically while you can .

  • georgieleigh

    Hear hear.

    I know how those poor bastards in Haiti feel.

    The last time I had 30 Aftershocks I couldn’t find my house either.

  • joeCanuck

    Not in the least bit funny, Georgie.

  • Stewart

    ‘As part of the institution’s ongoing commitment to Christian and charitable outreach, plans have been made to send a work party to Kiwoko in the summer of 2011 to provide practical as well as financial support for the hospital’s work.’

    Hopefully no papists are treated at the hospital!!!

    I will have such a sense of my duty as a Protestant that I will not marry a member of the Romanish Church or Papist, nor stand sponsor for the child of a Roman Catholic when receiving baptism by a Priest of Rome, nor permit a Papist to stand sponsor for my child at its baptism. Oath.htm

  • Turgon

    Thank you for that blog. It was very interesting and informative.

    As I am sure you will actually know church hospitals treat everyone. In Kenya the churches run a large number of the hospitals. In the south there are a lot of Methodist hospitals, in the middle it is mainly Presbyterian and in the north mainly Catholic. I think it depends on where the churches initially did most of their missionary work.

  • Drumlins Rock

    quite similar in Uganda I believe and while the churches disagree on theology the hospitals schools etc work well together.

  • joeCanuck

    Yes; I contribute monthly to an organization that cares for and treats people with leprosy. They are a Christian organization but they assured me that none of my money would be used for proselytizing.

  • georgieleigh

    They never came near me, and I could use some ointment.

  • joeCanuck

    Or perhaps brain surgery.

  • Greenflag

    ‘while the churches disagree on theology the hospitals schools etc work well together.’

    Because hospitals have to deal with human lives in world here and now whereas churches are focused on the supposed world hereafter or so they say anyway . In return for spinning their particular brand of fairy tale many church leaders do very well in the ahem marketplace of the pharisees . When you can’t see something it’s very easy to disagree about what it might be like if you could see it .

    Medecins Sans Frontieres (Medicine without Borders does great work in the poorest parts of the world including Haiti and Uganda without any of the god bothering .

  • CW

    When I saw the headline “Royal Black to support African hospital in 2010” I thought there was going to be some terrible joke that the likes of Bernard Manning and his ilk would have told at a working mens club in the north of England in the 1970s.
    The potential as there but thabkfully nobody rose to the bait.

  • Drumlins Rock

    We had considered inviting the Ugandan methodist minister to speak at our “Black service” but were afraid someone would embarass the poor guy with some silly joke about him being a real blackman, he did however speak at a couple of Orange services and described the 12th as “the best day of my life” funnily an African seemed to fit into the community much better than the English Vicar who was here a few years before.

  • Greenflag

    ‘funnily an African seemed to fit into the community much better than the English Vicar who was here a few years before.’

    Nothing funny about it at all at all. English vicars don’t do tribalism very well these days . Ugandans on the other hand as well as other central africans understand tribalism very well . They have to . So does the Orange Order . Birds of a feather and all that. It doesn’t much matter whether the wing is black or white . The main thing is it flies . And as we all know ‘tribalism’ is what NI is based on . It can’t be otherwise .

  • Greenflag


    ‘The potential as there but thankfully nobody rose to the bait.

    All right it’s Saturday and time to lighten up .

    ‘A bus load of DUP politicians were driving down a country road one afternoon, when all of a sudden, the bus ran off the road and crashed into a tree in an old Fenian farmer’s field.

    Seeing what happened, the old farmer went over to
    investigate. He then dug a hole and buried the politicians.

    A day later, it might haven been in Fermanagh, the PSNI came out, saw the crashed bus, and asked the old farmer,

    ‘What happened here?’

    ‘There’s been an accident’, replied the farmer. The bus passengers were all politicians so I buried them all.’

    ‘Were they all dead?’ asked the policeman .

    The farmer replied,

    ‘Well, some of them said they weren’t, but you know how them politicians lie.’

    You can substitute ‘bankers /priests/ insurance executives /SF/UUP/TUV etc depending on your personal ‘burial’ preferences

  • georgieleigh

    Or perhaps brain surgery.

    Posted by joeCanuck on Jan 16, 2010 @ 01:53 AM

    ‘Tis no wonder the Canadians are revered the world over for wit.

  • Greenflag – in ny view such events have been predestinated. All destruction and death is caused by the ‘fall’ from Grace of man in the garden of Eden.

    Secularism and Atheism renders the victims of thus earth quake (and everyone else for that matter) valueless and meaningless with the only real thing worth anything being the continuation of DNA and its evolution….a pretty dour thought and certainly no imperative for right and wrong