Remember that ‘mapping whataboutery’ thread? There’s another option…

A few weeks ago, I posted something up here about how a tool called Debategraph could be used to map the ‘whataboutery’ that darkens so many of Slugger’s comment threads.

It had a mixed response, but quite a few commenters initially didn’t like the idea until they got inside and played around with it a bit. Personally, I like the way that it can just park those extraneous arguments that are, somehow, relevant, but that can derail another – more interesting – argument down an unproductive and well-trodden path.

Anyway, here it is again.

I’m mentioning it now because I’ve stumbled across the much-improved Debatepedia – another (perhaps simpler?) tool that you can use to map the pros and cons around a particular issue. Again, useful for parking arguments that are getting in the way – and particularly useful for those very rare commenters who insist on only acknowledging one side of an argument.

Someone has already started a debate on whether Northern Ireland and the Republic should merge their football teams. Have a look.

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