Peter does human again

Update Full version is up now.
Meanwhile, it’s back to human interest. Ulster’s answer to the Sun’s Jane Moore, Gail Walker – (no relation) – has landed an exclusive with the (partly) stood down First Minister. The Bel Tel is restricting access to paying customers for the time being. The harbinger of things to come? The sales boost if there is one should give some indication of Peter’s survival chances – not that Peter had any other reason for giving the interview other than falling for Gail’s famously persuasive charms. Perhaps Gail’s sympathetic reading of Peter’s Big Interview may have played just a small part. Not sure I agree there was no stage management but I accept that the pain looked very real. Declining to rant against Iris must also have come as a relief. From the BBC report:

“There are days when, were it not a case of getting up and getting on with things for the sake of your family, your instinct is just to get into bed, turn out the light, pull yourself into a foetal position and not come out again,” he said.

Am I starting to be told more than I want to know?

What did the Sunday World think it was doing? I’ve heard of rumaging in dustbins. But in the lad’s bedrooom…..

Were they trying to trump the Mail’s story?