UUP’s South Belfast selections

The CUs are eyeing more and more seats as potential targets in the wake of the recent DUP problems. It seems that the UUP select two candidates and Conservatives select a candidate and then one of these individuals is chosen to fight the seat in question. Apparently South Belfast UUP had their selection meeting last night (the Conservatives have already selected Peter McCann). The meeting is covered on Bob Balls though there seems to be a degree of dissension regarding the meeting and it is unclear which was the most popular choice between Michael Henderson and Paula Bradshaw was. One source told me that Bradshaw took a somewhat hard line against Mr. McCann as a “blow in.” In addition Windsor branch did not attend and wrote a letter stating that the Conservative candidate (Peter McCann) was by far the best and should be go forward unopposed.

The inherent problem with this selection system seems to be that there are up to three winners in each seat (2 UUP and 1 Conservative) and then one candidate is selected. This seems to be a recipe for dissent and disagreement which this close to an election is far from perfect. In addition this may intensify as many CUs must now (rightly or wrongly) fancy their chances after the DUP’s current travails.