UUP’s South Belfast selections

The CUs are eyeing more and more seats as potential targets in the wake of the recent DUP problems. It seems that the UUP select two candidates and Conservatives select a candidate and then one of these individuals is chosen to fight the seat in question. Apparently South Belfast UUP had their selection meeting last night (the Conservatives have already selected Peter McCann). The meeting is covered on Bob Balls though there seems to be a degree of dissension regarding the meeting and it is unclear which was the most popular choice between Michael Henderson and Paula Bradshaw was. One source told me that Bradshaw took a somewhat hard line against Mr. McCann as a “blow in.” In addition Windsor branch did not attend and wrote a letter stating that the Conservative candidate (Peter McCann) was by far the best and should be go forward unopposed.

The inherent problem with this selection system seems to be that there are up to three winners in each seat (2 UUP and 1 Conservative) and then one candidate is selected. This seems to be a recipe for dissent and disagreement which this close to an election is far from perfect. In addition this may intensify as many CUs must now (rightly or wrongly) fancy their chances after the DUP’s current travails.

  • slug

    I think there is something good about this process. I think its good to publicise who is on the shortlist. There is an openness about that. The best candidate is more likely to emerge with this sort of openness.

    So far I also welcome the fact there are fresh faces.

  • Comrade Stalin

    I greatly appreciate UCUNF for choosing a selection system which will yield maximum internal strife – and comedy – within months of an election taking place.

  • Scaramoosh

    Peter McCann – What, suspect surname for an Ulster Unionist leaning candidate 🙂

  • alan56

    So is it a race between Bradshaw,Henderson and McCann for the nomination?

  • Frustrated Democrat


    That is not how the system works, each party selects one nominee for each seat.

    There is an additional UUP process to reduce the 2 to 1 that you are missing.


    Unfortunately for Alliance dissent isn’t going to happen

  • alan56

    Thanks Turgon,
    Do you know what way the opinion swayed last night between Henderson and Bradshaw?

  • RepublicanStones

    Turgon anything particular about the Windsor branch which would make them automatically opt for non-local party’s candidate (granted mcCann himself is local) over their own party’s potentials?

  • Paul

    seems quite a good open process

  • Harry J


    Unfortunately for Alliance dissent isn’t going to happen
    Posted by Frustrated Democrat on Jan 13, 2010 @ 09:15 PM

    so why did stoker or mcgimpsey not seek nomination? wasnt it becasue theyre not 100% behind the CU brand

  • slug

    RS-I think the Windsor branch is quite pro-Tory.

  • crazy fenian 32

    Is this the peter mc cann who comes from republican west belfast. Only to move down bangor way an turn tory.

  • RepublicanStones

    Not sure about South Belfast, but if Iris’ position is up for grabs over at Castlereagh, Joanne Bunting gets my vote…. ‘ding dong’….somebody start a facebook campaign !

  • Davros

    “Is this the peter mc cann who comes from republican west belfast. Only to move down bangor way an turn tory. ”

    If you decided republicanism was a load of old cobblers would you hang around west belfast? He voted with his feet.

  • Jack Black

    That is not how the system works, each party selects one nominee for each seat.

    Not quite true. The Tories select a candidate in each seat they can find one. Last count was what, 4? 5?

  • aquifer

    Ulster voters being offered a real unionist choice. This has the potential to subvert sectarian loser politics. The TUV must stand and re-establish orange loyalism’s trajectory to political oblivion.

  • alan56

    Windsor branch are more like a twig than a branch…tiny and pretty tory in outlook. I think that is Esmond Birnie territory. (remember him?..thought not!)It may well be that some BT9’ers think that this is the big ‘showpiece’ Tory constituency. They are forgetting that this image does not really reflect Donegall Road, Sandy Row, Donegall Pass etc… and the votes from here will be vital.

  • Garza

    Paula Bradshaw on twitter

    Got through first stage of South Belfast selection procedure … just four more stages to get through …!


    4 more stages?? WTF?

  • Mark McGregor


    Of course we remember Bernie, his result in 2005 was a classic.

  • PaulaLivesICarrick

    Maybe it is time for Bradshaw to get a new spinmeister, her squeeze Parsley doesn’t appear to be up to the job. Who believes P&I didn’t discuss her strategy for the South Belfast meeting….

    You have to wonder what the dynamic duo’s reasoning was behind her bizarre approach to getting selected. Not only did she attack Parsnip’s Tory Party colleague as a ‘blow-in’ only to blunder and get her facts wrong. To top it all, she struggled to come a inglorious second in a two horse race!

    Great advert for ‘Slick’ Parsley PR. Oh well, never mind he’s still got his highly paid job with Tory Party Head Office, the price he demanded for his ‘parachute’ defection. Maybe he’ll give some of this dosh back to Alliance to replace their money he blew in the Euro Elections.

    From PaulaLivesInCarrick

  • slug


    The Post by PaulaLivesICarrick on Jan 14, 2010 @ 11:03 PM is entirely unpleasant man and woman playing and should be deleted.

  • alan56

    PaulaLivesIcarrick… what a comedian.
    Is this the new sort of gutter tactics we can expect. If so this will be great fun. One thing I would remind everybody of is glass houses and stones!

  • IJP


    Under the rules of the site, that is correct.

    What’s more, if you’re going to make yourself feel good by posting anonymous drivel on a blog, you should at least get your facts right – Paula doesn’t live in Carrick, I don’t work for Tory Head Office, and no one mentioned any “blow-ins”.

    Paula, Peter and Michael are all successful people in their own right and all excellent potential candidates – if they weren’t, no one would bother with them!

  • LottaNonsense


    Donegall Road, Sandy Row, Donegall Pass etc…, and if you want to throw-in Taughmona, Belvoir etc. represent less than 5% of the voting electorate in South Belfast, so I would hardly think that you can say that ‘the votes from here will be vital’.

    Of course this 5% may turn-out to be important in a close election, but the voting electorate of South Belfast is primarily middle class.

  • Drumlins Rock

    wonder how many SB voters live in Fraser homes lol

  • alan56

    Yes but if we are discussing the unionist vote these areas are vital. The leafy suburbs are important too but a mixture of unionist/alliance/sdlp votes.

  • LottaNonsense


    That’s perfectly true and I take your point. As you say, you need a healthy mixture of votes from the so-called Unionist Working class areas and the leafy suburbs.

    Remember, of course, that you get large differential turnout in South Belfast i.e. leafy suburbs/middle-class areas hit turn-out rates approaching 70%, whereas Unionist working class areas struggle to hit 50% + There’s much higher registration in middle-class areas in the first place.

  • Sean Og

    Would the CUNF not be better trying to win over the Alliance Lo vote to their way of thinking in this constiuency?

    I would expect the Village, Sandy Row, Donegall Rd vote to go mainly to the DUP or TUV if McGimspey doesn’t stand.