“Now I think he’s acted in the best interests of the party..”

I don’t think the BBC’s Jim Fitzpatrick was there when Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams declared his ignorance about his brother Liam’s membership of Sinn Féin, not to mention his ignorance of Liam Adams being “Chairman of Louth [Sinn Féin] Comhairle Ceantair” as far back as June 1996. But the “skitter” did have Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly in the Stormont Live studio today. Here’s the transcript.

Jim Fitzpatrick] “Of course the DUP isn’t the only party where personal issues have impacted upon politics. Your leader, Gerry Adams, has now said that he had no knowledge that his brother Liam was in fact a member of Sinn Féin. How can that be when he was pictured campaigning with him in the elections in the south?”
[Gerry Kelly] – “Well, I think what he said was that he knew that his brother Liam was about in republican circles, which would not be abnormal in the circumstances. He didn’t know that he was a member of Sinn Féin. He should not have been a member of Sinn Féin, let me emphasise that myself, of course he should not have been a member of Sinn Féin. But… but when…”
[Jim Fitzpatrick] – “Given that, should Martin McGuinness have been opening an office for Sinn Féin with him?”
[Gerry Kelly] – “But when he found out… Well, Martin McGuinness didn’t know anything about it you know.”

Which is interesting

[Gerry Kelly] – “So when Gerry Adams found out that he was putting himself forward for election, he spoke to him and removed him from the ability to do that. Now I think he’s acted in the best interests of the party and, hopefully, in the best interests of the family which is involved in… which has to face all of these difficult issues around child abuse. So, I think he acted with integrity. And, people said to me over the last number of days ‘is Gerry Adams avoiding questions?’ Clearly he hasn’t been. He went out yesterday and did a press conference and asked people to ask whatever questions they wanted to and answered them.”

Really, Gerry? Because the reports suggest that Gerry Adams response to questions was to declare that he “[didn’t] think there are any questions to answer.”

Asked about apparent inconsistencies between what he said in the UTV interview and photographs of his brother and Sinn Féin leading figures in a Dundalk newspaper, Mr Adams said: “I don’t think there are any questions to answer. But if there are, put the questions.

“The fact is that he [Liam] should not have been a member of Sinn Féin and I’m totally certain about that,Ғ he said.

I haven’t seen any other answers reported, other than his declaration of ignorance. Or any other questions put to Gerry Adams then.

But the earlier part of Dan Keenan’s short Irish Times report suggests that Gerry Adams was denying knowledge of Liam Adams’ membership of Sinn Féin at the time of the 1997 general election – when they were photographed campaigning together in Dundalk.

SINN FÉIN president Gerry Adams has denied he knew his brother, who faces allegations of sexual abuse, was a party member in Co Louth around the time of the 1997 election.

“The party in its statement on this acknowledged that Liam was a member of Sinn Féin,” Mr Adams said yesterday. However, he added: “For my part, I did not know that Liam was a member of Sinn Féin. I did know he was in republican circles.”

But we know that he’s already claimed to have acted against Liam before the Sinn Féin Louth selection convention – which was held in October 1996.

Which was five months after Martin McGuinness had been photographed with the then “Chairman of Louth [Sinn Féin] Comhairle Ceantair”

And 13 months before “Liam Adams of Sinn Féin in Co Louth” chaired the 40th anniversary at Edentubber with Sinn Féin national chairman Mitchel McLaughlin.

But if he wants questions, there are some more here.

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  • Paul

    There must now be a concerted effort by the media to threw the spotlight on Gerry adams and sinn fein.We the public demand justice in the appalling child abuse case.gerry adams has told blantant public untruths and is trying to cover the whole thing up and sinners like arthur morgan are doing it as well.Adams does not have any moral authority to carry on in his position.I dont care if i am the only one to keep banging on about this.This case is far far more serious than other cases yet Adams is being allowed to bat everything off and people are appalled by the fact he adams is getting away with it.Is time a much more robustline was taken with this unsavoury man and contiued until hes forced out of office.This is a child abuse case folks the worse kind adams cannot be allowed any longer to get away with it.

  • joeCanuck

    Saints Peter and Paul.

    Or Punch and Judy?

  • wild turkey

    ‘We the public demand ‘

    Paul, is ‘WE’ as in the royal we or self-righteous megalomaniac we? We, have a right to know, ya know.

    Do you play the Wii? I do with my kids.

    We like it. The Wii is relatively sensible, humane and rationale in its game playing.

    I could say more, but i will play the Wii rather than the ‘man’

  • joeCanuck

    royal we or self-righteous megalomaniac we?

    I strongly suspect it is the immature youth, “we”.

  • Pete Baker


    Put the handbags down.

  • joeCanuck


    What did you expect.
    Two virtually identical threads in one day on a subject that seems to have drifted outside public attention.
    Paul deserves all he gets from his repeated attempts to draw the same theme into multiple unconnected threads. As long as he continues to do so, I will challenge him.
    Yellow card me if you want. He brings it on himself.

  • jack

    YES Paul you are of course right , The most important issue has been lost in the media scrum over the robinsons .Susanne Breen put this cover-up back under the spotlight again tonight on tv 3 lets hope the rest of the press take it up ,or are they worried about been kept out of the SF loop.

  • Pete Baker


    “on a subject that seems to have drifted outside public attention”

    All the more reason to bring it back into public attention.

    This is a blog after all.

    And by all means challenge people on what they say.

    If only that was what you actually did.

    You’ve been around here too long to have forgotten the basic rule – play the ball, not the man.

  • joeCanuck

    All the more reason to bring it back into public attention.


    With all due respect, yo must have missed my many calls to Adams to explain the discrepancies between his public pronouncements (maybe even today)and the photographic “evidence”.

    As regards Paul, as I said, he brings it on himself by, for example, proclaiming himself spokesman for the people.

    You’ve never asked him to put down his handbag, even when he attacked my integrity today.

  • Pete Baker


    I’m dealing with the comments on this post.

    If you want to comment on the actual topic, please do so.

    If you’d prefer to carry on a grudge match from elsewhere then you’d be better advised to step away from the keyboard for a while.


    Back to the topic…

  • Paul


    YES Paul you are of course right , The most important issue has been lost in the media scrum over the robinsons .Susanne Breen put this cover-up back under the spotlight again tonight on tv 3 lets hope the rest of the press take it up ,or are they worried about been kept out of the SF loop.
    Posted by jack on Jan 12, 2010 @ 12:30 AM

    Yes indeed jack you are quite right and I very much welcome both pete and others. For putting this very very serious child abuse scandal back into the public domain.Its time adams was put under the same intense pressure that we have all seen others that have being put under in other recent cases.This is so serious given adams lies and is a test for both the media and the public who must make sure adams is no longer allowed to get off the hook on this.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    a couple of interesting things in kelly’s interview:

    1. Gerry Kelly] – “But when he found out… Well, Martin McGuinness didn’t know anything about it you know.”

    No Gerry Kelly…how do we know that? He can’t speak about what mcguinness knew or did not know. Only mcguinness can do that…and as of today…he hasn’t.

    2. kelly stated,

    ” So, I think he (gerry adams) acted with integrity. ”

    wow…if kelly thinks the way adams has acted is with integrity…wow. Kelly was at the Holy Cross school at times when the little girls were yelled at with obsenities and shown nasty pictures while they went to school…. It was the unionist who were yelling and showing the pictures to little Catholic girls and kelly stated it was not right to do. But…gerry adams tried to bring the victim of a childhood rape to met the rapist. This is not acting with integrity but acting irresponsibly. all I can say about kelly…wow how sad of a man.

  • riverlagan

    Gerry adams retaining his position, as President of Sinn fein, will not disrupt his Party’s support with the electorate, as their supporters hardly vote based on morality.

  • riverlagan

    Gerry adams retaining his position, as President of Sinn fein, will not disrupt his Party’s support with the electorate, as their supporters hardly vote based on morality.

  • It’s quite simple really, Adams is not being pursued by the media because there’s no case to answer!
    If people are concerned about the allegations against Liam Adams, they should be directed at the RUC, why did they not pursue a conviction of Liam Adams when the complaint by his accuser was put to them ? Why did the Police force give clearance to Liam Adams to work with children when the knew of the allegations ?

    This is where the real story lies in this case, and should be pursued with vigour.

  • sigh

    I would like people who see the police as the villains in this to speak with either NEXUS or The Rape Crisis Centre and ask them what it was like for the police in the eighties.

    Ask them how hard the RUC CARE teams worked to get cases to prosecution, see how long it took for cases involving children to be allowed to use CCTV in court. Ask them about the first case that was set up for evidence to be given in such a way and how gratifying (sarcasm) it was to learn that after all that hard work, the case was postponed.

    Oh yes and while you’re there, remind yourself that the decision to prosecute, or not, rested with the DPP. No prosecution, no criminal record. No criminal record, no reason to withold clearance.

    I’d love to hear the rumpus if clearance were witheld with no evidence. “Oh yes, his eyes are a bit too close together. He doesn’t have a criminal record, but better say no, just to be on the safe side.”

  • Gerry Adams has not answered questions truthfully. He has left (and been allowed to leave) gaping holes in his statements on this subject.

    If his father abused his brothers/sisters he must have known from the beginning. It is unlikely that the abuse only started when Adams left the family home. The family lived in a small house, crammed together, several to a bedroom. It beggars belief that members of the family were unaware of what was going on.

    Republicans have used children as canon fodder for a very long time, they had their tame priest Aiden Paul drag frightened children through a vicious mob just to make a point. All of it leads to the easy conclusion that Republicans didnt care about children except as tools.

    The questions must be answered and soon. If the media will not keep this vitally important subject alive then bloggers must.

    I am disappointed that some are once again trying to blame the police, the state, or anyone except the republican pervert involved.

    We need a proper investigation into these claims. We need to know if paedophiles were protected by republicans and yes we need to know what people like Martin McGuinness and Gerry Kelly knew.

  • Pete Baker


    Questions about the vetting system are addressed here.

  • Pete Baker

    The plot thickens.

    We know that Gerry Adams was advising people not to report child abuse to the police, and we know what happened to people who did go to them on any matter.

    I have to say that it begins to look as though no member of the Republican or Sinn Fein movement from the W Belfast area and Gerry Adams generation should be allowed anywhere near a policing board committee, thats how serious this is. This whole sorry saga is in danger of tarring a generation with this allegation. If they did not know children were more important than the colour of the flag then, they must learn now.

  • Paul


    It’s quite simple really, Adams is not being pursued by the media because there’s no case to answer!
    Posted by victor1 on Jan 12, 2010 @ 07:48 AM

    No case to answer you say for telling blantant public untruths and covering up in a child abuse case oh right no case to answer has gerry adams victor 1 says folks.Gerry adams can stay as SF leader and we all lived happily ever after

  • Exactly Paul now your finally getting the idea !

  • petermac

    To me this is pretty simple Adams like the Bishops had the power within their respective organizations
    They could have and did in some cases deal with offenders.The Catholic Church sent them on to re-offend and Adams also sent them or did not prevent them from going elsewhere, to other unsuspecting parents and children who were put at risk.
    This was either an abuse or a mis-use of power.
    The main difference between the two organizations is that while transfered them to other posts the other which Adams was in charge of sent them ,with the exception of near family to the bogs of Ireland

  • Oh well thats the trial over, well done peter simplez eh !

  • Paddy

    Victor: You should not speak about trials. What trials did the Disappeared get? Or the victims of the Nutting Squad?

    Provos have been good at wriggling out of things. Morgan., Kelly and other toadies threw off statements, not thinking they would or could be checked. Adams has got away with denying his IRA membership for so long he got lax. But Suzanne Breen and others have nailed their lies this time. The allegations haven’t gone away, you know. Let him take a voluntary polygraph.

  • petermac

    No trial !! Simple facts….Gerry is too precious to both Governments to allow a trial

  • No need for evidence then, the good old North of Ireland Neanderthal is alive and well.

  • petermac

    Did someone actually say there is no evidence of the lies being put out by Sinn Fien…..just look at the Dundalk papers its all there in black and white
    and since when did either the IRA or SF care about evidence before taking drastic and sometimes terminal action

  • Funny that my mother always told me, don’t believe all you read in the papers, therefore I don’t, she was a very astute woman.

  • Petermac

    No one is too precious unless it is our children!

    It makes no difference what Dublin and Westminster think of him or anyone else. Once the evidence is out in the open charges will be bought or not depending upon that evidence.

    I sympathise with a man trying to protect his abused brothers and sisters. I have no time whatsoever for anyone who knowingly foists paedophiles on an unsuspecting community, who promotes that paedophile within his own organisation and who may have participated in allowing other paedophiles to escape the law. This must not be allowed to fade into the distance, the truth must be told.

  • granni trixie

    One of the factors which link the Robinson and Adams cases is that they each seem to ilustrate that MLAs operate at lesser standards than other people.

    eg 1. even on voluntary Boards, it is usual for the chair to ask, at the beginning of a meeting, if anyone has to declare a personal interest on any item on the agenda.

    2. I sit on 3 voluntary management Boards and had to go through 3 separate processes to be checked by Access NI,even though in each case it is unlikely I would have contact with children or other vulnerable people. As it is considered good practice to do so however, the groups budget to pay for this.

    So given the hundreds of community groups in GAs constituency steeped in this kind of Safeguarding Children practice and standards,I cannot believe that Adams will not pay for his mistakes in the next election.

  • petermac

    Victor I’m sure your Mother was a very astute woman but even she has to believe black and white photos of the brothers Adams canvasing for Sinn Fien and Liam as Chairman of SF cumann posing with Martin Magennis at the opening of their new office or maybe you think someone con-cocked this evidence aswell
    To dis-believers no explanation is possible but to those who believe their own eyes no explanation is necessary Have you seen Arthur Morgan ??

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    I found this by Mr. Crowe of sinn fein regarding sinn fein stating

    “it is time to protect chCrowe – time to protect our children
    August 21, 2003

    Speaking following a meeting with the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Education Seán Crowe expressed his support for the organisation’s campaign for a vetting system that can best protect our children.

    The Dublin South-West TD said: “It has long been a disgrace in this country that there is no mechanism for employers to vet potential employees who would be working with children. While the overwhelming majority of the men and women working with children in this State are of the highest calibre and the greatest dedication, parents and employers have a right to be cautious.

    “This state has one of the least effective vetting procedures in Europe. There is no way for an organisation to check whether the employee they are about to entrust children to might have a previous conviction for child abuse. It is to address this frightening anomaly that the ISPCC’s campaign has been launched. It is vital that the employee representative organisations and other stakeholders take this issue seriously and a procedure put in place that protects people’s civil liberties, while also protecting our children.” ENDS

    I have a question? Since Gerry Adams believed his brother was a child rapist and since the child rapist was a member of sinn fein speaking at commerations…opening an office of the party with one of the high honchoes…mcguiness…did liam receive any money from sinn fein? If so…wouldn’t that make sinn fein an employer who hired man the president of the party thought was a child rapist? Interesting question to find the answer to.