Arthur Morgan Watch: Day 19…

This is Arthur Morgan, TD for the Louth constituency. For his party, Sinn Fein, he holds a watching brief on at least three cabinet level ministerial portfolios being their spokesman on Finance, Enterprise and Trade, and Social and Community Affairs. He’s also a former IRA prisoner having served seven and a half years at Long Kesh prison, where he participated in the blanket protest, before his release in 1984. On the 23rd December last (ie, 20 days ago) Arthur told the Dundalk Argus:

Although he was a party member, he was never an officer, and certainly was never in the running, as has been stated in the media, for nomination as a candidate in the 1997 Dáil elections,’ said Deputy Morgan.

However subsequently unearthed archive material proves that this was not the caseDeputy Morgan has since been unavailable for comment… In the meantime, it’s our intention to post daily bulletins on whether or not the Louth TD emerges to speak to the press… And when he does we’ll relay soonest his explanation for the discrepancy in his statement with the facts…


  • scruff

    He wouldn’t be undergoing psychiatric treatment by any chance ?

  • Kensei

    Really? When has 1. this ever proven effective 2. been anything more than crappy tabloid journalism.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Ken, methinks you are underestimating the seriousness of the questions he has to answer.

  • Ulick

    “you are underestimating the seriousness of the questions he has to answer.”

    Who Morgan? I thought there was only one question he has to answer i.e. the discrepancy about LA being a member.

    If it’s Adams you are referring to why don’t you ring or send him an email? He seemed willing to answer questions on the radio this morning.

    Suzanne Breen is trying to make out that Adams is deliberately ignoring her over this issue, but as a regular Tribune reader I can tell you that Adams and SF have been ignoring her for a few years now.

    Breen complains of ‘blacklisting’

    Maybe it’s just Breen’s questions he’s not answering?

  • Kensei


    Ken, methinks you are underestimating the seriousness of the questions he has to answer.

    I think you are underestimating the shitness of this as a response, and in the event of it miraculously becoming an issue, the amount of time he has to work out a response. Stick a clock or a counter widget at the side or something, and save annoying everyone, would you?

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘daily bulletins’ as in a thread a day on silence from Morgan?

  • Marcionite

    Sorry for the naive question but I am new to Slugger but I cannot see how I can update the homepage with a new thread or am I only allowed to make comments only as an appendage to existing threads? If so, do I have to upgrade my membership? thank you

  • Ulick

    “do I have to upgrade my membership?”

    Yes Marcionite, send your application to the DUP Press Office.

  • Kensei


    ‘daily bulletins’ as in a thread a day on silence from Morgan?

    That’s how I read it too. What’s it going to say? This is a shit tactic in a newspaper that might have enough clout to cause some pressure. On Slugger? Bizarre.

    When Arthur Morgan’s silence means we should be punished with random crap posts is beyond me.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    The issue…did Morgan knowingly lie to protect his leader….did Morgan really believe his statement and not know that Liam was well above the richter scale in sinn fein–infact at the time probably higher in the party than Morgan himself….anyway you look at the issues…I give the Robinson’s more credit than Morgan…at least they came out and spoke about some of the sordid details….Morgan has gone into hidding. Pathetic

  • Mr Crowley

    Maybe it’s just Breen’s questions he’s not answering?
    Posted by Ulick on Jan 11, 2010 @ 01:30 PM

    Not so fast, Ulick. Bimpe Archer reported Morgan as being ‘unavailable for comment’ in the Irish News last week. To their shame the Irish News has softened their approach to Liamgate if Diana Rusk’s coverage today is anything to go by. [Ball, not man – mods]

  • Paddy

    Now that Adams has made a half hearted statement to defend his apparent collusion with a suspected serial paedophile, the Provo/pedo aplogisits are reemerging.

    Provos may well be perpetual victims. But so too are their victims. Morgan should tell us just how many pedos are in Louth SF and if it is a safe haven for Provo pedos on the run.
    If Morgan is a pedo enabler/facilitator, the people have aq right to know.

    So come on Arthus: open your big mouth so we can extract your foot.

  • Ulick

    Crowley, I was referring to Gerry A with that comment, not Morgan. GA seems happy to answer questions from anyone but Breen, you can’t blame him if noone else wants to ask the questions. Maybe Eammon Mallie is the man for the job?

  • Mick Fealty

    Absolutely. In the meantime, what’s the objection to asking Arthur about what he got wrong?

  • wild turkey


    there is some kinda weird, if slightly tangental, precedent to this.

    i seem to remember when Roy Hattersly was a non-show for Have I got News for You

    They put a tub of lard in his place.

  • Mick Fealty

    Every week? They call it empty chairing on Newsnight. Usually this kind of tactic is just let go, but we thought that this would just keep tabs on an important issue that would otherwise be forgotten. Not sure how we’ll avoid them being ‘random crap posts’ and of course I will have to remember I am supposed to be doing it every day (a bigger challenge than you may know or understand)…

    But if nothing else it will remind said newspapers that it is important seek answer to the question, not least since there may be others contingent on the answer given.

    Just try and stay awake… We may be some time…

  • Ha, Arthur on the run again. Not surprised because believe it or not Arthur was one of the closest to Liam in Dundalk SF. Heres a question for Morgan when he reappears: If Liam Adams didnt appear on the scale within SF why did he take him to his office in the Dáil on several occassions during the first few months of him becoming a TD??

    Perhaps we should get LMFM radio to contact him,he’s quite a regular on his local radio station on a current affairs show called ‘Loose Talk’.

    This is a great idea, lets flush Arthur out.

  • RepublicanStones

    Mick why not wait until Morgan opens his bake then lick the quill and by all means tear him a new one, but to post a thread every day with somebody not saying something as the topic seems like the blog equivalent of the child in the backseat of a car going “Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet…”

  • Dixie Elliott

    Adams was very close to Fr Alex Reid from Clonard Monastery since, at least, the mid-eighties…His go between with Haughey, Hume etc.

    Liam Adams finds employment within Clonard Monastery which leaves me wondering….?

  • Paul

    just like gerry adams morgan has questions to answer.

  • Stick a clock or a counter widget at the side or something, and save annoying everyone, would you?

    Not often I agree with Kensei, but a big fat clock up where you’ve now got the Flickr photos would have greater impact I think.

    Do a weekly update, listing sightings etc

  • seamusmor

    the pity is that this Robinson affair is taking the spotlight off Adams. Its only chicken feed compared to skeletons in the SF cupboard, NI Bank raid, paedophiles, killings, kneecapping and what have you.

  • heamaisbharney

    “GA seems happy to answer questions from anyone but Breen,”

    Isn’t that convenient when she is the one asking the questions but of course he’ll happily answer questions from those who are not asking them! Flann is back among us.
    Morgan is on the north sea checking fish stocks to ensure his family business has enough fish to feed the ‘free state forces’ who are their biggest customers.

  • How to keep this subject alive and wring the truth out of reluctant Sinn Feiners.

    Morgan runs away from Breens questions, theres a surprise. It is looking as though Sinn Fein have a great many questions to answer, not just about Liam Adams but about the bigger question of just how many paedophiles have they assisted and where did they go. If they all settled in Dundalk, boy does Dundalk have a problem. Paedophile priest, paedophile Republicans. No child is safe. Start there.