“not only do I believe that but I’m putting it to the test.”

As Mick has said, and this UTV report reiterates, Peter Robinson has “asked officials in the OFMDFM to look at the allegations and indicate whether the First Minister should have been responsible for disclosing the information to the Assembly or Westminster.”

Although, I’m not entirely convinced that the departmental solicitor’s opinion will be a sufficiently independent response to what the Guardian’s Michael White identifies as the political problem – “the political problem is transparency and accountability in a world which now demands it even in Northern Ireland, as it does for the once untouchable Adams.”

Anyway, here’s UTV’s Ken Reid’s interview with NI First Minister, the DUP’s Peter Robinson.

Video courtesy of UTV

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  • John O’Connell

    Peter Robinson was a lot less pathetic tonight but much more robotic as per his usual self.

    I think he is “toast” as a DUP MLA said to the BBC, but that it shouldn’t necessarily be so for all his sins.

    It really comes down to his pathetic performance and the hole that puts on him below the waterline. Two days ago he was telling us that he was the compassionate partner who forgave his erring wife, looking for sympathy and throwing in a suicide attempt for good measure.

    Now he tells us that it was all a front to cover her disgraceful actions. He has yet to face the backlash for his approach. He might get away with it but I doubt it.

  • pinni

    The very fact that there is ambiguity and uncertainty as to whether Robinson has followed the letter of the law (if there even is one) or not surely lends to his credibility in this whole affair.

  • iluvni

    For once in your life Mr Robinson, do the right thing….put your country first, not yourself.
    Hand in your resignation.

  • None of the proposed enquiries are independent enough. It is no use Castlereagh Borough Council to investigate the tenders, when the question is whether there is a culture of corruption (or at least indifference to conflicts of interest) throughout that council – as there has been in many councils in Great Britain when a single party has had complete control for decades.

    In England there is an independent commissioner for standards in local councils – is there an NI equivalent?