Why did Robinson leave calling ambulance for 8 hours…

One of the hot topics on the live blog last night was the events of the night of Iris’s attempted suicide… It took eight hours for the ambulance to be called, and it was called by Iris’s special advisor, Selwyn Black… Not Robinson himself…

That will undoubtedly be one of the questions for the First Minister this morning, and one he had better have a good answer for (like, perhaps, he did not actually know at the time)…

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  • LukeCass

    I hope that he does not last the day. A lot of people were sceptical of the emotions displayed by PR on UTV the other night. It is becoming easier to agree the arguement that his credibility is being wiped out.

  • Mick Fealty

    I’ve pulled that last bit… because, the more I think about it, the assumption is that he knew, when he may not have done… Which makes this a potential phantom talking point…

  • ding dong

    Sorry Mick – did he not say that he found out at one oclock in the morning when Iris attempted etc etc?

  • granni trixie

    What has taken you so long to notice this Mick?

    What I noted from PRs statement on Wed evening, was what it said about his values that he tried to portray in his favour that he was at the dispatch box,even as his wife was suffering a breakdown. What does this say about life-work balance? About priorities? About his lack of self awareness?

    Just as the way GA dealt with his “family problems” suggests that politicians work to a different set of rules than the rest of us ( with the public coming out in front).

  • danielmoran

    I expect to hear any day now, that Iris’s claim of ‘attempted suicide’ will be changed to ‘on the verge of’.

  • Mick Fealty

    Have at guys… I’m listening Allister on Nolan… Carefully trying to bury his former party collegue who brought him back into politcs… twitter.com/mickfealty

  • Mick Fealty

    Point made by Nolan about the mental state of any husband who finds his wife has committed suicide…

  • RepublicanStones

    Durkan the Tiwtterer !

  • RepublicanStones


    (new years resolution – use the feckin preview)

  • Tiny

    Listening to Jim Allister you could forget that he was a long time DUP member himself. As for Nolan’s claim that the DUP are apparently standing by Iris, ‘let he who is without sin……..’

  • andnowwhat

    I’m listening to Nolan and he is happily defending the Robinsons against his own company and I really do not mean in a balanced way

  • Stunning_Steve


    Why did Robinson leave calling ambulance for 8 hours…


    Because he couldn’t see properly as he had something stuck in his iris.

  • Paddy

    I regard all of these threads as being in very bad taste. Though having no time for Unionism, let alone some of its more obnoxious spokespeople, zooming in on Peter Robinson over sensitive matters like this (sexual affair and being conned with a young male gigolo, mental breakdown) are in bad taste. Real Sun/Daily Star/NOTW stuff.
    Iris has made a mess of her life but herself and Pete are adults like all other philandering, menopausal MPs.
    I always remember the DUP/FPC spokeman being conciliatory when Eamonn Caset fell from grace.

    Though Peter has his Third Force/ UFF skeletons, Gery Adams is a different and much darker kettle of fish. Buggering kiddies is, as they say, beyond the pale.

  • Greenflag

    paddy ,

    ‘I regard all of these threads as being in very bad taste.’

    True but you have to admit Stunning Steve has really hit the low point in 12 above

    . On the other hand

    Question :

    What’s the difference between a cross country run and a certain Lock Keeper’s Cafe in Belfast ?

    Answer :

    One is having a pant in the country whereas the other is having a c**t in the pantry ‘

    dear o dear it reminds me of those Bishop of Galway times

  • Driftwood

    The few evangelical christians I know are just relieved that Iris’s wee sleeping partner wasn’t a Catholic. The DUP was founded on a hatred of these. The ‘saving grace’ for DUP supporters in this music hall farce is that her toyboy was a prod.
    The BBC could commission a series like ‘The Osbournes’ on the ‘Swinging Family Robinson’. To go out after the 9pm watershed of course.

  • Greenflag

    Driftwood ,

    ‘O Saving Grace how false thou art
    That saved not a wretch like me
    From toy boy prod so tempting young
    And from political notoriety ‘

    The poor woman clearly has had issues for a long period of time . I thought the menopause when women were supposed to take a pause in their ‘gyrations’ as Ronnie Drew would put it . Still there’s nowt as queer (wrong word in the circumstances perhaps ) as folk .

    There has to be a connection between being a member of these ‘lunatic fringe’ sects and the possibility of a personal intellectual breakdown of the order of which this woman has suffered . The mainline denominations foist enough rubbish on people but they are restrained in their ministrations due to the large numbers in their congregations . But the smaller captive isolated poor followers in the Bethels of the backstreets are just ripe for these snake oil purveyors of babbling tongues etc etc 🙁

    The woman must have had serious issues going back several years . Why it all came out right now is the question ? Sad of course for the people involved .

    The Brutus’s and Cassius’s of the DUP are sharpening their knives as of now . How the deed will be done is to be seen . Almost a pity the toyboy was’nt a Catholic 😉 Presumably that will give Mrs Robinson brownie points when she comes face to face with her ‘babbling ‘ Ghost God down the road 😉

    Repent your end is nigh saith the Lord

    Too true for Mrs Robinson’s political future or is it ?

  • Sammy Morse

    The few evangelical christians I know are just relieved that Iris’s wee sleeping partner wasn’t a Catholic.

    Except he was.

  • Greenflag

    sammy morse ,

    ‘Except he was’

    Well there you have it . What goes around comes around 🙂 The DUP have been screwing the Fenians for years so now it’s one back for the Fenians. On the other hand maybe not;)

    How many votes have the evangelicals in NI ? 30,000 ? Does anyone know ?

  • Driftwood

    In the Anglican sense Sammy?

    It’s true many evangelicals view the CoI as being very close to ‘the Whore of Babylon’ but hold their noses and allow them human status.

    If the candle is Roman however, that’s the icing on the Lockkeepers Inn cake.

  • wild turkey

    ‘The few evangelical christians I know are just relieved that Iris’s wee sleeping partner wasn’t a Catholic.

    Except he was. ‘

    Sammy (inspector) Morse

    source and/or evidence for the above statement?

    just curious

  • The wonder is not that it took so long to call for help but that he bothered. Id like to meet the man who, when faced with such a humiliating and potentially catastrophic affair, hurries to his wifes side to offer tea, sympathy and a 999 call.

  • Lionel Hutz

    The ‘explanation’ he gave seems to contradict Mr Blacks version. Black said that when he arrived, there were no doctors at all, never mind ambulance before peter left. black also said that when the gps arrived, they recommended she go to the hospital immediately. Peter said he was following the medical advice that she didn’t need an ambulance. In order for both Black and Peter to be telling the truth, then iris would have to have obtained medical advice from someone who had advised that she’s ok, and who then left before other doctors came to say she needed treatment. That’s very unlikely, so my guess is one of them is telling lies. Which ones job is in danger.