The money questions redux from the Beeb…

I’m still on duty on the live blog… but here’s a recap from the Beeb on the money question…


  • Driftwood

    They said that Iris Robinson was too unwell to respond.

    Is it Swine Flu?

    I hope she gets better soon.

  • Pete Baker

    According to the BBC report

    As an MP, she was also legally obliged to declare the £50,000 she received from the developers in the register of members’ interest at both Stormont, where she served as an MLA, and Westminster. She failed to do so.

    But didn’t the same Spotlight programme note that the cheques involved were made out in the name of Kirk McCambley?

    Although the alleged £5000 kickback still remains an issue.

    But what evidence is there for that?

  • Pigeon Toes

    The texts?

  • Ulick

    “But didn’t the same Spotlight programme note that the cheques involved were made out in the name of Kirk McCambley?”

    Kirk should have told her to feck off then when she came looking the money back.

  • Pigeon Toes


    If he had been a smarter boy.


    Eamon Mallie has just tweeted that Peter is to consult lawyers in regards to the allegations made in the programme.

  • percy

    can someone provide a link to spotlight please

  • Driftwood

    The programme made clear-in the financial alegations- that Peter may have been unknowingly complicit-Iris is a matter for the CPS. It’ll never happen.
    The sexual thing was bizarre, but hey that’s between them.
    19 year old -MALES- might often go for 60 year-Females,
    not my pecaddillo but hey whatever.
    In the DUP anything goes. And frequently does.
    They make good bedfellows with Sinn Fein.

  • Mason Powell

    I assume you are referring to the DUP’s “inappropriate relationship” with Sinn Fein.

  • Alias

    “But didn’t the same Spotlight programme note that the cheques involved were made out in the name of Kirk McCambley?”

    She also didn’t declare the cheque for 20k that Kirk McCambley made out to the name of Iris Robinson – or, indeed, the earlier cash payment of 5k from Kirk McCambley. The Spotlight programme also stated that both property developers gave the money to Iris Robinson, with the estate of the deceased developer declining to accept the return of the money because it was regarded as a gift to Mrs Robinson. She will have a hard job persuading folks that these property developers gave the money to a boy of 19 because they wanted to give a teenager a break in life. Folks will rightfully conclude that they gave the money to Mrs Robinson and that Mrs Robinson then gave the money to said boy(friend). Indeed, Mrs Robinson herself confirms this by demanded that the money be returned to her to be disposed of at her sole discretion.

  • [b]Here’s to you, Mrs Robinson.[/b]

    “On Thursday, Mr Robinson’s solicitors said he was thoroughly satisfied that he has at all times acted properly and fulfilled all requirements, and would robustly challenge any allegation to the contrary.” ….

    Alien advice to Mr Robinson, for what it is worth, is to fire those solicitors immediately, as their advice on all of the evidence which has been shared, is sub-prime delusional and tantamount to being an incitement and/or negligent encouragement to engage in further dubious and/or criminal and/or fraudulent activity in a cynical, and presumably lucrative conspiracy to pervert the natural course of justice?

    And shared here as a question for the charge to be answered by any who would be bothered to have an intelligent opinion/interesting perspective/further information. And as a statement of fact, it might prove to be too strong for some to stomach and enjoy, and that would be counterproductive and most unfortunate.

    “The DUP released a brief statement after the programme which read: “Following allegations made about Peter Robinson in the BBC’s Spotlight programme on Thursday 7th January 2010, Mr Robinson will be consulting his legal team on Friday.”” ….. And presumably Iris will be consulting with God whilst Peter is dodging the ear-bashings of Big Ian , bemoaning the harsh Spotlight beaming into the murky world of religious holier-than-thou, free gravy train politics. And what you can probably be most sure of, is that in the bigger picture, is this current little spat as a storm in a teacup to the other tempests running there.

    Mrs Robinson’s love affair [and to dwell on what was missing from a life and lives to occasion that crazy fling is something probably much better understood by the smarter female of the species than the dumb male] is not, and has never been that which has been sought to be primarily suppressed, for it is the First Minister’s fully knowledgeable actions and nonactions in non disclosure of other matters, which is the real scandal to be swept under the carpet in the hope that no one will notice the mountain of toxic rubbish and rotten apples that everyone then has to walk around and pretend is not there ……. thus incriminating and sucking in the best of friends and colleagues and solicitors, to be put on the spot and revealed as easily manipulated and/or dedicated fools and certainly Unfit for Future Sterling Purpose in Good Public Works and Stormont Service.

    Or is that all mistaken and not True?

  • Ulick

    Anyone believe the depression story?

  • Drumlins Rock

    strangely I do Ulick, but its not a get out clause and if anything puts even more pressure on Peter.