Robinson: I am fighting to clear my name…

On Radio Ulster just now… Peter Robinson gave a brief but tough interview with Mark Devenport… several things came out it… Martin McGuinness, without reference to his ‘joint’ First Minister, asked the departmental solicitor for advice on the consequences of what would happen were Robinson found in breach of his ministerial oath… (understandable of course, but finger slipping a little too quickly onto the trigger for public decency’s sake perhaps…) Robinson is asking the same office to investigate the BBC’s allegations to find whether he has actually breached the code…Regarding the reversed payments Robinson says they were all done above board and through a solicitor… (That seems to tick that off for me, I am afraid…)

And on the awful situation of the attempted suicide he says “we took medical advice”. Re the delay in calling the ambulance: “No medical advisors said it was necessary until she was taken in later”.

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