Robinson: I am fighting to clear my name…

On Radio Ulster just now… Peter Robinson gave a brief but tough interview with Mark Devenport… several things came out it… Martin McGuinness, without reference to his ‘joint’ First Minister, asked the departmental solicitor for advice on the consequences of what would happen were Robinson found in breach of his ministerial oath… (understandable of course, but finger slipping a little too quickly onto the trigger for public decency’s sake perhaps…) Robinson is asking the same office to investigate the BBC’s allegations to find whether he has actually breached the code…Regarding the reversed payments Robinson says they were all done above board and through a solicitor… (That seems to tick that off for me, I am afraid…)

And on the awful situation of the attempted suicide he says “we took medical advice”. Re the delay in calling the ambulance: “No medical advisors said it was necessary until she was taken in later”.

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  • Banjaxed

    I noted the term ‘medical advisor’ in Robinson’s interview. Was the person involved a qualified doctor?

  • Mark McGregor

    really mick. how does peter get to insist anything to mccampley in relation to his finances. did they bully him to protect themselves?

  • Pigeon Toes

    Good point.

  • Jaggers

    Why did the BBC not ask the lover the circumstances under which HE believed he was given the money (loan/donation/purchase)?

    Was the lover bullied into returning the money – was he threatened with legal action? Was the husband involved directly in persuading the lover to return the money?

  • This sorry episode will surely mark the beginning of the end for devolution, with either a wounded Robinson (who doesn not appear to have broken any laws) or a replacement unlikely to chance a deal with SF. Unionism should take this opportunity to make common ground or SF will benefit significantly from the fallout at both Westminster and more importntly at the Assembly elections.

  • Alias

    Did he ensure that the Code of Conduct that requires MPs to register their financial interests in a Register of Members’ Financial Interests was complied with in the case of his wife, ensuring that the returned money was registered as a loan if not as a gift? Nope. He did nothing.

  • estreeter

    Robinson’s investigation cannot be shrouded in secrecy.

    It must be a full and frank public process and anything less is an insult to the people of this country who elected Peter Robinson and his colleagues in the Assembly.

    Peter Robinson does not have a monopoly on power and process in Stormont.

  • ding dong

    So let me get this straight, peter is seeking to get the office for First Minister to investigate him – at our expense – and then he’ll decide whether he should go.

    He says its independant! Pull the other one

  • Pigeon Toes

    Ding Dong,

    Yeah ye can kinda predict how that one’s gonna go. Unless of course there’s more to come out…

  • joeCanuck

    Now the #2 story on BBC World News, just after the arraignment of the would be plane bomber.
    They spent over 5 minutes on it, mostly interviewing Henry McDonald. They touched on every aspect including the likely fall out for the “peace process” and the religious angle of the sexual affair.

  • joeCanuck

    BBC site has put up today’s interview with P.Robinson.

  • Keithbelfast

    “Paging John larkin QC, paging John Larkin QC.”