What may be have been missed in the clamor

Very interesting little snippit buried in an Irish News story today. Lord Morrow told the paper:

“There will be no devolution of policing and justice during the lifetime of this assembly….it is not going to happen and that is it. It will not happen before the general election or the assembly election. It is not an issue.”

Seems a little out of the blue, and odd clarity to a policy position that has up until now been a little hazy, seemingly deliberately.

  • Dazzler

    Did’nt think there would be. The DUP have no interest in allowing P&J to be devolved. First they used finance as their excuse, then the police reserve, then parading, then “personal problems”. It is obvious what the DUP are playing at. If they play hardball they might not be eaten alive as much by the TUV in the upcoming elections.

  • fpveritas

    Yes they will be eaten alive by the TUV

  • joeCanuck

    Who is Lord Morrow and how important is he?

  • Mr. J.

    He’s Chief Whip for the DUP in the Assembly. How closely related his statement is to fact is debatable.

  • fpveritas

    He is the brother of a FP minister

  • Peter Doran

    Morrow’s comments l;ooked like a shot across Robinson’s bows as he went into his meeting with McGuinness today….to discuss P&J and compare notes on how it feels to be spooked!

    From Smiley’s People:
    Connie Sachs: How’s the demon wife?
    George Smiley: Flourishing, I gather.
    Connie Sachs: You gather? Wish you would gather. Either gather her up for good, or drop her down a hole.

  • joeCanuck

    Thanks, Mr.J.

  • Sam Semple

    The DUP really are a bunch of cretins.

    This is just intransigence for the sake of intransigence.

    They’re not fit to govern.

  • Tiny

    What exactly is the DUP policy on Policing & Justice, if Lord Morrow is stating party policy then what is the point of the talks, if he isn’t then the party seem to have lost all sense of disclipine and focus, and we know what happens to undisclipined unfocused parties

  • seamus friel

    He’s rubbing Sinn Fein’s face in it and obviously
    feels confident that they haven’t got the guts to bring the whole thing down. He’s calling McGuinness bluff. A very dangerous thing to do since Martin knows that if they don’t keep their word in the next few weeks they may well see a drop in their vote in Westminster Elections. The SDLP won’t necessarily gain anything but many SF voters probably will just give up on the whole Stormont humiliation and stop voting. Sinn Fein on this one are way out of step with most Nationalists. If Nationalists wanted unionist domination at Stormont they could have left things as they were in 1968, cancelled the first Civil Rights march and saved everyone alot of trauma.

  • Quagmire

    Bring the whole thing down Marty. It’s clear the DUP are incapable of sharing power. Nationalists will shed no tears. I’m prepared to play the numbers game. If Stormont falls now, it will be for the last time.

  • tacapall

    They have no other option but to bring it down, the DUP never had any intentions of sharing power with Nationalists, but because of international pressure played a political game just like Robert Mugabe. Morrow’s outburst just confirmed what most Nationalists knew theres too many ego’s in the DUP to do a deal that they will honour. Both governments should go to plan B now, Joint Authority.

  • JD

    The Assembly election should be held the same day as the Westminster election – get the bloody thing out of the way.

  • regimental 1912

    Seamus et al,Martins balls have dropped,typical of SF,all wind and piss,methinks he is more concerned in the Queens shilling than P/J

  • union mack

    ‘played a political game just like Robert Mugabe’

    killing political opponents is more Mugabe’s thing, something he shares with the republican movement.

    secondly, just as the DUP has commitments to it’s electorate that it won’t break for SF, SF won’t break their electoral commitments on P&J for the DUP. voluntary coalition anyone?

  • Comrade Stalin


    Both governments should go to plan B now, Joint Authority.

    What makes you think anybody wants joint authority ? Especially without joint representation ?

    If the assembly collapses, we will have direct rule. Nobody should try to pretend that it will be a walk in the park.