Viva Palestina

Iran’s Press TV has interviewed a number of Irish activists entering Gaza with the Viva Palestina convoy, led by the Respect MP, George Galloway. The Viva Palestina aid convoy crossed over from Egypt where a number of activists were injured during scuffles with police at the port of el Arish. A group of five Derry activists are among the 500 who travelled with over one hundred vehicles carrying medical and other equipment in what has been billed as an attempt to ‘break the siege’ of Gaza. At least one of the Irish members of the convoy, from Cork, is reported to have been injured Wednesday during a blockade at the Egyptian port.

  • Greenflag

    Good man Peter for posting this thread . This is an issue that has been ramping up for the past several months but our ‘mainstream ‘ media i.e all of those ethical journalists and moralistic bloggers have been what’s the word ? less enthused . Who cares about starving or corralled Palestinians anyway . I mean are they even human ? .
    Well done the Derry men and thanks to Iran’s press TV for at least covering the issue .

  • Paul Doran

    These were more than just scuffles, The Eygptain Government are as bad as the Israeli Government in dealing with violations of peoples human rights see below

    On New Year’s Eve — shortly after the Egyptian government had prevented
    buses from taking them to Gaza
    — hundreds of people, including scores from the U.S., who were
    attempting to march in Cairo were kicked, punched and dragged into a
    holding area by plainclothes Egyptian government forces.

    See video:
    (filmed by Sam Husseini).

    Beginning Dec. 27, 1,300 activists from over 40 countries had been in
    Cairo attempting to go to Gaza, which has been under siege. Israel has
    prevented free movement to or from Gaza on its border crossings and has
    prevented the Gaza port and airport from functioning.

    These 1,300 activists — roughly equal to the number of Palestinians
    killed in Gaza during the Israeli bombing “Cast Lead” of this time last
    year (about 13 Israelis were also killed) — have been prevented by the
    Egyptian government from going to Gaza through the Rafah crossing in the
    south of Gaza.

    Protests in Cairo have been ongoing; one took place Monday in front of
    the Prosecutor’s Office, roughly the equivalent of the Justice
    Department. This protest included about 40 Egyptians and 40
    internationals. On New Year’s Day, several hundred people protested in
    front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo; protests there are virtually
    unheard of — prohibited by the Egyptian authorities. During protests,
    people have almost always been penned into areas to prevent their being
    seen by the general public.

    The following individuals still in Cairo can speak to the violence of
    the Egyptian authorities as well as the Egyptian policy of maintaining
    the siege of Gaza and the crisis situation in Gaza:

    RYAN FAY, in Egypt via U.S. mobile: (412) 418-4444,
    Fay, a law student, has done legal work on behalf of Palestinians on the
    West Bank, attempting to prevent the demolition of their homes by
    Israel. See a photo of Fay shortly after being hit with a police walkie
    talkie:;= ryan .

    MICK NAPIER, Egyptian mobile: 011-20-192247860,, Napier is chair of
    the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, one of hundreds of
    organizations with delegations in Cairo. He said, “It is clearer than
    ever that the Egyptian dictatorship is fully complicit with Israel’s
    crippling siege of Gaza.”

    HEDY EPSTEIN, Egyptian mobile: 011-20-196942393,
    Epstein is a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust and author of “Remembering
    Is Not Enough.”
    See the AFP piece “Awaiting Gaza March, Holocaust Survivor Stages Hunger
    Strike.” 3

    SAM HUSSEINI, Egyptian mobile: 011-20-161477373, after Jan. 6 in Amman:
    011-962-6-5522182, Communications director of the
    Institute for Public Accuracy, Husseini has been blogging and posting
    videos at: .

    MICHAEL BROWN, Egyptian mobile: 011-20-167459014,
    Brown is former executive director of Partners for Peace. He is
    accompanied by his 80-year-old father Edwin L. Brown, professor emeritus
    at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the classics
    department. See video of the elder Mr.
    Brown being thrown to the ground and shoved into a penned-in area. He
    later reported sustaining a bruise on his hand, which he still has, and
    being pulled on by a cord around his neck. In the video “Demonstrators
    being forcibly ejected from the street,” Edwin Brown is wearing a blue
    rci (video by Kayvan Farchadi).
    Michael Brown was kicked in the ribs by plainclothes Egyptian forces; he
    and others witnessed Egyptian government forces pulling women by the
    hair. The Browns were also penned in on Dec. 29 for over four hours
    while attempting to visit the U.S. embassy.

    EMILY RATNER, Egyptian mobile: 011-20-192170891, Ratner was in Gaza in June, but she was turned
    away from entering Gaza this weekend by Egyptian officials. She recently
    wrote the piece “Freedom Marching in Circles While Winding Our Way to

    For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy:
    Norman Solomon, (415) 309-4359


  • This is a great initiative. Good to see the local MP, Mark Durkan, has been offering his support too.

  • Jimmy_Sands

    Galloway? Dear God have these people not suffered enough?

  • Paddy

    Galloway is a good man and fair play to him for standing up for the most oppressed people ever – the Palestinians.

    As for Mubaraka’s Egypth: a disgusting, repressive, US funded state.

  • Greenflag

    Jimmy Sands ,

    No they haven’t suffered enough . Even when ex USA President Jimmy Carter opened his mouth to criticise the Israeli Authorities for their abuse of Palestinian civilians and that was before the recent slaughter of a 1,000 plus civilians in GAZA the western multi media shut him up as quickly as they could .

    I sometimes think that in regard to Middle Eastern matters and particularly those relating to the Palestinian situation the media are in the pocket of Tel Aviv or are kept spinning by the friends of Israel in the USA House of Congress 🙁

    Is’nt it about time that Americans operated their own foreign policy in their own interest and not Israel’s ?

    Galloway is a good man and did the right thing ! The entire western world should impose economic sanctions on Israel until such time as Israel agrees to the establishment of a Palestinian State with contiguous boundaries and ceases it’s effective genocide of the palestinian people

  • Eurocrat

    A great initiative that somehow restores ones faith in humanity. Thanks for posting this Peter, it is a little glimmer of hope, gone generally unnoticed amongst all the pessimism and negative news reporting surrounding the Robinsons. These people are facing obstacle upon obstacle towards helping deliver this aid to the oppressed people of Gaza. It comes at a time of increased tension in Gaza after the recent shooting of an Israeli border guard. Let’s build bridges between people, not walls. God speed and good luck!