“Liam didn’t gate-crash the canvass. Pretending he did is rewriting history.”

The Sunday Tribune follows up on last week’s photographs of Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams canvassing with his brother Liam in Dundalk in June 1997 with more photographic evidence of Liam Adams’ involvement in the Sinn Féin party structures. Contrary to what Louth Sinn Féin TD Arthur Morgan has said – “Although [Liam Adams] was a party member, he was never an officer”, “He was not on the richter scale at all.” – accompanying Martin McGuinness as he opened the new Dundalk Sinn Féin office in June 1996, Liam Adams is described in Dundalk’s The Argus at the time [7th June 1996] as “Chairman of Louth Comhairle Ceantair”. The Tribune also reports that five months after the June 1997 Dundalk canvass with Gerry Adams, “Liam Adams chaired the Edentubber Martyrs’ [40th anniversary] commemoration in Co Louth attended by 1000 republicans on 9 November 1997. He introduced the main speaker, Sinn Féin national chairman, Mitchel McLaughlin. The event was reported in The Dundalk Democrat.” Here’s The Argus photograph from 7th June 1996. Adds Sunday Tribune front page article.
Kevin Meenan, Martin McGuinness, Liam Adams, Dundalk Argus 07/06/1996

Inside the Sunday Tribune, Suzanne Breen writes [added link]

Sinn Féin’s claim to the Irish Times on 28 December that there was nothing contradictory about our photographs and Gerry Adams’ publicly-stated position on his brother is nonsensical.

On 21 December, Gerry Adams had told RTE: “When I heard Liam was in Sinn Féin, and when I heard somebody was putting it about that perhaps he would be a candidate, I moved immediately both to stop that and get him dumped out of Sinn Féin… I moved very, very quickly. He wasn’t a contender. there was no nomination by Liam Adams in the Dundalk area. There was no convention in which his name was put forward.”

Yet on 5 October 1996 – eight months before the canvass – the Dundalk Democrat reported that a selection convention would be held later that month in the Imperial Hotel. It named Owenie Hanratty and Liam Adams as those seeking the nomination.

Contrary to Sinn Féin claims, the convention took place. The Sunday Tribune has statements from republicans present. But not only was Gerry Adams canvassing with Liam eight months after his brother’s name was first publicly mentioned in connection with the nomination, Liam Adams remained a prominent Sinn Féin member afterwards.

The Dundalk Democrat of 15 November 1997 – five months after the infamous canvass – states that Sinn Féin member Liam Adams played a prominent role in the Edentubber 40th anniversary commemoration, just outside Dundalk, to honour five IRA members killed in the border campaign.

“Proceedings were chaired by Liam Adams of Sinn Féin in Co Louth. The main address was given by Sinn Féin national chairman, Mitchel McLaughlin,” the Dundalk Democrat states, The commemoration had taken place six days earlier.

The proven details of Liam Adams’ Sinn Féin activity also totally contradict the party spokesman’s claim in the Irish Independent last Monday.

“Liam was expelled after the election and as soon as Gerry realised he was in the party he took measures to remove him,” the spokesman said.

And there are still those other questions about events post-1998.

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  • John O’Connell

    More lies from Gerry Adams. It seems so blatant. There should be a law against this type of thing. And I’m sure there is. But unfortunately when the flawed peace process depends on you, you can get away with it all, it seems.

    Until this society realises that Adams is only making a mockery of them, and destroying the values of the Irish people, it will come increasingly to regret ever having endorsed Gerry Adams and his cohorts in Sinn Fein.

  • Paddy

    I guess Gerry hopes this will blow over. Interesting picture though as it has Martin McGuinness in it. Now did Martin and Gerry ever discuss black sheep Liam? (Or given what Gerry alleges about his dead da, is black appropriate?)

    I guess hard core Provos don’t do introspection and reflection much. Picture of Dorian Gray and all that.

  • Paul

    excellent post peter

  • the future is bright the future is orange

    good post paul

  • Garza

    I suspect this will do far more damage to SF in the Republic that in Northern Ireland. I think SF can kiss being in government in both Belfast and Dublin by 2016 away.

  • Ramzi Nohra

    Its hard to think of Adams as being anything other than a liability now, regardless of the ultimate rights or wrongs of the matter.

  • Paddy

    Yes, but pity Liam Adams. Fancy having to be that close to Martin McGuiness. Is Kevin Meenan trying to slither off? Talk about knowing us from the company we keep.

  • Alias

    Adams is simply treating his own party voters with the contempt they have earned by telling them yet another pack of self-serving lies. I suppose you can’t fault him for exploiting their gullibility, and they won’t do that anyway because they’re too gullible to grasp that they have been duped; and those who are not too gullible to grasp that they have been duped are to vain to acknowledge it.

  • disgusted poleglass housewife

    I can imagine the carpetbaggers down mexico way i.e. south of the border you know the ones likes Mary loser snotters and the rest of the motley crew metting to discuss how poor Gerry,s problems are impacting on their potential future as t.d.s while the boys in jobs up north will lie like fuck (as usual) to keep their golden goose laying eggs,if the allegations against Liam Adams are true and he is a predator paedo then it must stand to reason if ,he with the help of ,others, church, was able to get work in several projects involving youngsters,then surely other allegations will be forthcoming, that is if the chucksand their new found friends havent got there first

  • joeCanuck

    I think Adams does need to explain the apparent dichotomy between his published remarks and these photographs.
    I suspect that all we will hear though is the sound of silence.
    It doesn’t really matter what I think, of course, what matters is the ballot box response by his constituents and the wider SF electorate.
    I don’t think that much harm will be done.

  • Paddy


    The BT has picked up the Tribune story so people can also post comments there. Though I think Joe Canuck is probably right, raping four year olds is a little off. Would it be possible to have Sinn Fein canvassers barred from housing estates on the grounds that they are a danger to children?

    The Nutting Squad seems to have been the real dregs. This is intersting when you consider their opposite number MI5 etc had been so down on homos etc, lest they compromise them (which Philby etc did). Yet the IRA had no problem with allowing flawed pedigree personages run their show and execute their Volunteers. You couldn’t make it up.


  • KateMcC

    The moral corruption at the heart of this story is astounding! It highlights the double standards that operates right through society, from the church, politics, police etc.
    Adams and co are claiming that the so called ‘dissident’ republicans are at the heart of the recent revelations. It’s all up if these are the only people in society concerned enough about the alleged rape of babies to expose Adams for what he is.
    The furore over the Robinson’s delayed statement regarding Cardinal Daly’s death is in stark contrast to the muted if non existent statement from public bodies and representatives in relation to a possible paedophilia cover up by Sinn Fein. Is child protection not worthy of being part of the bigger picture of politics? Where is the Children’s Commission and the Human Rights Commission? Somebody needs to ask the questions that political representatives have a duty too but are too afraid to ask.

  • Kevsterino

    Has anyone been able to figure why this story broke at this point in time? Was it that Aine came out with the story under her real name?

    The whole mess is sickening, raping one’s own daughter, a toddler at that.

    I’m just trying to make sense out of the timing. Why now and not 10 or 20 years ago.

  • disgusted poleglass housewife

    well said Kate Inote there is no rush to have the church fully investigated in the north yet, Kincora is hardly mentioned, the children,s commisioner is a joke ask anyone from this area who knows her , anyone who exposes child abusers get my vote any time better than the shower here who,s sole ambition seems to be to line their pockets and a nice few properties in Portugal, Donegal etc,the ex republicans who call themselves psf deserve the title PAEDOFILE SINN FEIN

  • John O’Connell


    I agree with you, that not much damage will be done in West Belfast. It will be a bit like Ian Paisley in North Antrim, but I think that Gerry Adams as a trademark has been devalued, and much of Sinn Fein support depended on this trademark.

    So I expect that Sinn Fein support has been damaged outside West Belfast and that Gerry Adams will be in danger in the polls if he is hit by more stories of lies and deceit.

  • Mr Crowley

    Adams’ lack of integrity, moral courage and credibility has been utterly exposed by this issue. His toxicity permeates his party with TDs like Arthur Morgan lying to support Adams’ lies. It is time for the corrupt and dishonest shinners to be comprehensively dumped by the Irish electorate.

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    Given the endless abuse of all kinds meted out to the Irish people by the church, politicians and republicans in the 90 years since partition, it kind of makes you wonder if we Irish are born with some kind of inbuilt masochistic streak.

    Seems like we’re happy enough to have our kids abused by a bunch of paedophiles while they simultaneously lecture us on sexual morality, to fete our politicians while they rob us blind and to turn a blind eye to paramilitaries shooting and beating our own communities whilst telling us a pack of lies on everything from the disappeared to yet more child abuse.

    Will mass attendance plummet? Will politics be cleaned up? Will the SF vote drop? I’m guessing no.

  • Mr Crowley, you’re absolutely right about sf and Adams. I’d be interested in finding out though about what you think should be done with the corrupt and dishonest republicans that can’t even manage to be elected?

  • KateMcC

    I don’t think people such as Wolfe Tone, Henry Joy McCracken and so on would recognise the Ireland of post ’22 as anything they could support or endorse let along spill blood over. The Constitution was practically written by the Catholic Church, women were subjugated and we all know how children were treated. Irish republicanism since ’22 needs to be examined from the viewpoint of how it affected people’s lives, but as someone recently remarked to me, ‘the powers to be would not want the glue that holds the national psyhce together to come unstuck’.The Irish Republic of 1922 did not deliver the ideals inherent in the repulican philosophy, on the contrary. However this is a stand alone issue in that one man failed to act to protect children, if Sinn Fein do not want to be tarnished with this it will have to demand serious answers from its leader and provide the public with the same.

  • joeCanuck

    one man failed to act to protect children

    Do you have any facts to sustain that bold assertion? I’d love to hear them if you do. And saying things like “even the dogs in the street know” will not cut it.

  • ranger1640

    The question now that needs to be asked, what justice can an ordinary nationalist & republican get if the victim in this case, the nice of Sinn Fein/IRA president and MP for West Belfast, is being obstructed and de-victimized by Sinn Fein/IRA?
    Nationalists & republicans need to remember Sinn Fein/IRA, have form in this type of activity. The recent murders and cover up’s involving Robert McCartney and Paul Quinn, the slow release of information to the families of the disappeared and the character assassination of the disappeared, and the character assassination of Robert McCartney’s sisters and the family of Paul Quinn. Do not bode well for ordinary nationalists & republicans getting Sinn Fein/IRA justice and fairness, even in a paedophile case!!!
    Gerry Adams is a serial denier. Adams the man who all through his life has denied being in the IRA, and has denied his full roll in several infamous incidents during the so called troubles, he even denied knowing if he was abused? So Adams, form in this issue is hardly unfamiliar to him.
    Here I believe is the issue that goes to the heart of the matter an issue that nationalists & republicans are in complete denial about. Adams has blatantly told lies and half truths over many years. He is a master in the tactics of deflection, spin and victim-hood, all the tactics he has used in this case.
    The issue of the blatant lies that Adams is coming out with are of concern for the nationalist & republican voters. They need to re-examine and revaluate what type of people and party they want to represent them.
    The ordinary nationalist & republican needs to get the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, collective monkey off their backs, and see Adams and Sinn Fein/IRA for what they really are. Until ordinary nationalists & republicans, realize that Adams and Sinn Fein/IRA have a vested interest in keeping their communities and electorate subjugated then the cycle of some old, same old in nationalist & republican areas will continue forever.
    I’m sure there are more of these cases, and at some stage they will be forced out, to affect the nationalist & republican communities. Remember Robert McCartney and Paul Quinn, if Sinn Fein/IRA can clean up and cover up murders, there is nothing they won’t stoop too, to cover up for the party’s apparatchiks or other IRA members in a sexual abuse allegation against ordinary nationalist & republican people!!!
    To quote Thomas Jefferson: “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Change the government, to Sinn Fein and this seems to sum up everything in nationalist & republican communities!!!

  • Garza

    Still think that Gerry Adams will not be forced out or step down at the moment.

    However if it found out that his brother Liam abused kids in is youth work in West Belfast, it has to be game over for Gerry.

  • Grassy Noel

    Anthony McIntyre poses even more pertinent questions on the reaction of Sinn Fein to their leader’s lies and instinct for self-preservation.


    I forsee Adams stepping down soon to ‘allow for the judicial process in this case to proceed without unnecessary political distraction orchestrated by those opposed to Sinn Fein’ or some other form of words.

    I also think Martin McGuinness and many others in Sinn Fein who’ve been photographed with his brother, and who are now surveying the damage to the party, to expedite this almost immediately.

    Kudos to Breen.

  • Clanky

    The problem is that Sinn Fein have been telling so many lies for so long when the only people they have to convince are those who truly want to believe.

    Now that they have to convince even those amongst there own voters they are trying the same old tactics and people are starting to realise just how easily the blatant lies come. We all know that politicians lie, the very word has it’s roots in the the meaning of guile, but most politicians at least have the sense to tell half truths and lies which can be backed out of, the lies which Sinn Fein have been telling are not even subtle, they are just bare faced lies which will (or at least ought to) make voters wonder about all the other things SF have told them.

  • Paul


    Adams’ lack of integrity, moral courage and credibility has been utterly exposed by this issue. His toxicity permeates his party with TDs like Arthur Morgan lying to support Adams’ lies. It is time for the corrupt and dishonest shinners to be comprehensively dumped by the Irish electorate.
    Posted by Mr Crowley on Jan 03, 2010 @ 08:52 PM

    Good post Mr crowley the photo evidence the blantant untruths that gerry adams and others in the sinners inner circle that they have spouted yet this man gerry adams is still in his position unbeleivable.

  • Fabianus

    Well, well, we live in interesting times as 2010 gets under way.

    The Robinsons and the Adamses showing contempt for the electorate. Time for regime change I think. Will the ruling parties survive beyond April?

  • Lionel Hutz

    And equal contempt from the press judging by their most recent statements. Lol

  • Dread Cthulhu

    joeCanuck: “I think Adams does need to explain the apparent dichotomy between his published remarks and these photographs.”

    I believe the phrase “those photographs are no longer operative” is probably the best he’s going to be able to do, the Ministry of Truth not yet having full control over history…

  • Paddy

    The B Telegraph http://preview.tinyurl.com/y9suc37 has an interesting piece on this and, as well on speculating on Gerry’s SF hold, links it in to Denis Donaldson. What dark secrets involving Gerry with Denis in the grave?

    I google newsed to get this, looking up Liam Adams. Interestingly, Google suggested such word searches as Liam Adams Belfast, Dundalk and lots more. So it must be getting a popular search. Gerry’s virtual electorate want answers.

  • Dixie Elliott

    From today’s Belfast Telegraph….

    …The spokesman also claimed the stories were emanating from dissident republicans.

    Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/sinn-fein-leader-gerry-adams-denies-new-claims-over-brotherrsquos-role-in-party-14620868.html#ixzz0bg1qHM50

    It seems the PSF lie machine have no answer to the journalism of Susanne Breen so they are digging up the ‘dissident’ journalist line again.

  • joeCanuck

    I suspect that they are in a state of denial, more so than deliberate cover up.
    Of coruse, I’m not in a position to know. This is the most damaging thing I have seen against Adams since this story broke.

  • disgusted poleglass housewife

    brownie said it was Tricky Dickey wat said it Iwas in Amerika at the time no move on

  • Jimmy_Sands

    “I suspect that they are in a state of denial”

    It is the only State they recognize.