Dissident republican group’s uninspiring new year message…

READING like a dreary hardline missive from 1970 rather than 2010, here’s the rather longwinded new year greeting from the republican wing of the Real IRA, the 32 County Sovereign Movement. After praising the “political action” of 2009 that represents “the way forward for Irish republicanism”, the statement goes on (and on and on…) to recognise the need for dissident republicanism to reach out to and gain the support of “communities” this year. It is, at least, a recognition of the lack of support for their cause. They claim they will be hold “two major international initiatives” this year and be “democratic” – even if “[f]or us the ballot box means more than just numbers”. Seems contradictory.

The rambling narrative takes pops at mainstream nationalism and republicanism, the media and the British, signing off with message that “resurgent republicanism will demonstrate to both governments and the international community that the destruction of the provisional movement was the liberation of Irish republicanism”.

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