More due process

The last time I mentioned this case it was to note that

The Public Prosecution Service is said to be considering the judge’s verdict after Brian Arthurs, who was named in this 2005 Sunday Times report as a member of the PIRA army council and had been jailed for 25 years in 1995 for possession of explosives, was acquited on all charges fifteen months after being charged under the Proceeds of Crime Act [May 23, 2007]

The prosecution had been seeking a further adjournment at the time. Well, they seem to have considered charging him again. The BBC report that Arthurs “has launched a legal action against his forthcoming trial being heard without a jury.”

Brian Arthurs, 45, of Finulagh Road, Castlecaulfield, Dungannon, is charged with deception and possession of criminal property. The Director of Public Prosecutions has issued a certificate for the trial to take place in front of a judge alone. Mr Arthurs’ barrister argued his client had “a fundamental right to trial by one’s peers.”