Words that have previously been banned in Dail Eireann…

Examples of words that have been previously designated as unparliamentary language:

– Communist

– Corner boy

– Gurrier

But not necessarily those terrible words Mr Gogarty spoke earlier this evening…. Anyone know any more… And is this really unparliamentary language…


  • Doctor Who

    In the House Of Commons, Ian Paisley onced called another member a “lick spittle”, which he knowingly knew was a term prohibited in the chamber to describe another member. Some of the terms prohibited in the House Of Commons are outdated and are slang from the 18th century. Those in the Dail are probably more recognisable.

  • Pete Baker


    It would be unparliamentary on Stormont’s naughty step.

  • Dave

    Calling a member a fascist or implying it is a breach of the salient rulings of the Chair, as Conor Lenihan found out last year when he had to apologise to Leo Varadkar for using the offending word to refer to him in a Dail debate. There are a dozen or so banned words (scumbag, yahoo, rat, etc) with convention focusing more on preventing insinuation of low character, e.g. implying that a member is a crook, perjurer, smuggler, a murderer, a coward, a fraudster, or a general all-round blackguard. Accusing a member of lying is a big no-go, as is issuing a libel or accusing a member of being very lucky with the horses (taking bribes).

  • DC

    (Warning contains strong “fuck you deputy Stagg” language)


  • Dave

    “And is this really unparliamentarily language… ”

    It’s an expression of contempt and ill will on a member of the House so it falls outside of impugning a member’s character, which is usually the language that falls foul of the Ceann Comhairle. At any rate, it isn’t a breach of the salient rulings of the Chair as they stand, but the Ceann Comhairle could rule that it is unacceptable language in the House and it would then become a Salient Ruling of the Chair.

    However, does a member really need a decision of the Ceann Comhairle to tell him that such vulgar language would not be acceptable in any dignified parliament irrespective of the appropriateness or otherwise of Mr Gogarty choosing to express such extreme contempt for another member?

  • igor

    If he’d called him a ‘fecker’ would he have got away with it

  • Greenflag


    Probably 🙂 Fecker is mildly pejoritive and can even depending on context approximate to the Aussie term of endearment for an old friend one has’nt seen for a while i.e

    ‘you old bastard you where’ve you been ‘

    Dave ,

    ‘ implying that a member is a crook, perjurer, smuggler, a murderer, a coward, a fraudster, or a general all-round blackguard. ‘

    No implications were needed in the Dublin District Court a few years back when the ‘defendant ‘ a man from the County Clare was up on charges of ‘insulting ‘ a Garda who hailed from the neighbouring county of Kerry . The judge was also from the Co Clare which of course should in theory and practice make no difference to the defendant’s cause .

    Judge to plaintiff (Garda )

    ‘Exactly what did the defendant say to you that caused you to bring charges against him ‘?

    Garda -‘I’d rather not say your honour-his language was very vulgar and there are women present in the courtroom ‘

    Judge – ‘You will say or I’ll find you in contempt and a 500 euro fine’

    Garda -(now a bit taken aback)

    ‘Your honour he called me a big thick Kerry C**t of a gobshite ‘

    Judge – ‘And exactly what part of that appellation do you take exception to my good man ‘

    Garda – eh ? (mystified -and tongue tied )

    Judge- Case dismissed .

  • JD

    Gogarty’s behaviour is disturbing in of itself.

    In his constituency last year and a packed public meeting he got down on the floor and rolled around pretending to gag when the Local Fine Gael Senator got up to speak. His wife was visibly upset at his behaviour.

    He has also single handedly destroyed his own local Green Party organisation with his weird eccentric behaviour. He drove out his own local election candidate from the party (before the election!) and many others left due to his disturbing behaviour.

    Emmet Stagg only gently riled him – the regular stuff of rough and tumble parliamentary debate. Let alone the offensive nature of Gogarty’s outburst, it seems totally disproportionate. Gogarty was contradicting himself and became enraged that his “sincerity” was being questioned – this guy is a few sandwiches short of a hamper.

    He reminds me of Kevin from Harry Enfield – he’s not up to being a public representative.

  • The funny part was Gogarty claiming the budget was going to lose him his seat – as if he wasn’t an electoral dead man walking anyway.

    I also take offence at his state of dress. It might be “man of the people” to not wear a tie but he just looks generally scruffy.

  • K. Gough

    Fair play to him i say. Cant get anymore straight talking than that.

  • Guest

    This is the lad who said he was probably 25% gay.Weird.I’ve nothing against people who are 100% gay,but 25%…Nutter