“ultimately this must be a matter for them”

Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward, MP, after meeting with Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin in Dublin, tries again to defuse the perplexing rhetoric around the issue of the devolution of policing and justice powers. From the BBC report

Mr Woodward and Irish Foreign Minister Micheal Martin discussed the current hiatus in Stormont politics in Dublin. They played down the possibility of a St Andrews-style “hothouse” talks session to try to resolve the outstanding issues and said they hoped the parties could sort it out themselves. “We believe the political parties both want to do this, it’s a question of providing as much help as we can with the framework but ultimately this must be a matter for them,” Mr Woodward said. Mr Martin said it was not a time for recrimination or blame, but to “focus on the issues”.

As the NI First Minister said

[Peter Robinson] “Well, if Sinn Féin oversold what they thought they could achieve then they are answerable to those to whom they sold that package. The reality is they weren’t entitled to sell it.”

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  • Panic, These ones like it up em.

    Do you ever get the feeling that there are a large number of the British establishment that would like to slip out the back door from this particular party and would not be for looking back.

    Maybe NI politicians should make something work to convince the rest of mankind that there is some point to carrying on with this life thing.

  • slug

    It’s not really a crisis you know.

  • Marty McG

    The IRA in suits and in Government can’t wait to get their grubby, dirty, bloody hands on ‘policing and justice’. Not content with murdering hundreds of police, a number of magistrates, politicians and judges, they now wish to destroy the police and justice system from within.

    One has only got to look at the Policing Board and the various DPPs to see theRepublican vermin that pollute them, having us believe that they are really serious about policing and justice.

    Were they serious about it, they’d get down on their knees and apologise for the thousands of families that they have left without a son, daughter, father or Mother.

    I just listened to one of those IRA females from ‘Doire’ spout on about the ‘Derry’ DPP having a special meeting today about domestic violence against ‘weemin’…..I wonder about violence against women in general….Jean McConville comes to mind. Of course these Republicans are so arrogant, they really believe they’re fit to be in Government. Only an appeasing Government and thousands of Roman Catholics who voted for them believe such nonsense.

  • Lugging My Tool

    “Jean McConville comes to mind”

    As indeed does Margeret Wright killed by loyalist bandsmen because they THOUGHT she was a Catholic.These are the people that are lauded by the Unionist community every July and encouraged by people such as the Culture Minister to excercise their ‘right to march’.