Bishop of Dromore pressures Bishop of Limerick to resign…

In this interview on Sunday Sequence yesterday morning Will Crawley pressed Dromore bishop John McAreavey into admitting that his fellow Bishop Donal Murray had ‘questions to answer’… The whole episode got picked up by Sean O’Rourke on The Week in Politics last night and was front page news on the Irish Times this morning… In response to suggestions that somehow this was trial by media (and that he was only guilty of sins of omission rather than sins of commission), Will helpfully puts up the relevant quotes from the original Murphy Report from Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation… And that is just the Dublin Archdiocese…

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  • joeCanuck

    Yes, indeed. The honourable? Bishop did not ignore cases of abuse reported to him. He reported them to the appropriate diocesan authorities.
    I will be sure to call a priest the next time I happen to see criminal activity.

  • Well, I dont give a tinkers damn about the paedophiles past etc whats done is done, but what concerns me most is the fact that Liveline (RTE) has been removed from live streaming video and I,here in the Canary Islands, cannot anymore view live, the only decent programme on our expensively licenced, national television station-RTE!.
    Dr Goebbels is alive and well, and controlling the airwaves in Eire. “Heil Fianna Fail”- the Soldiers of Destiny.! Some soldiers-some destiny.!

  • Ulick

    “Liveline (RTE) has been removed from live streaming video and I,here in the Canary Islands, cannot anymore view live,”

    Eh? Liveline is a radio programme.

  • John East Belfast

    Bishop Walsh

    “I do not see that there will be any healing in attempting to drag large numbers of elderly religious or lay people into courts at this hour of their live”


    There can be no time limit on justice – just as elderly Nazi War criminals are still being brought before courts today there can be no hiding pace for any criminals.

    This just smacks of an institution that considers itself to be above the law.

    There is no question Murray should resign – Nobody in his position of authority in any other kind of organisation guilty of such negligence would be allowed to hold onto their position

  • joeCanuck

    just as elderly Nazi War criminals are still being brought before courts today there can be no hiding pace for any criminals.

    Agree, John.
    Trial started today of an accused Soblibor guard, John Demjanjuk. He’s 89 and, apparently, in ill health. He deserves what he gets, if guilty.

  • Undoubtedly, the Irish hierarchy will emulate their American brethren and establish “programmes” at the diocesan and parochial level.

    Our Lord’s outlined His own programme for responding to such a scandal.

    It’s very simple really: It involves a millstone and rope. [St. Matthew 18:6; St. Mark 9:42; St. Luke 17:2].

    Short of substituting a car battery for a millstone, I hope that the remaining honourable clergy and laity will settle for nothing less.

  • Dewi

    Only just got enough guts to read the report:

    “Of those investigated by the Commission, one priest admitted to sexually abusing over 100 children, while another accepted that he had abused on a fortnightly basis during the currency of his ministry which lasted for over 25 years. The total number of documented complaints recorded against those two priests is only just over 70.”

  • Rory Carr

    I stood in a classroom myself for 25 years and I have no desire to be called to account for every single action of mine over that time!

    Strange words indeed from Bishop Willie Walsh. As I recall, when a child, I was constantly lectured by Catholic nuns and brothers and priests that one day I would indeed “be called to account for every single action of mine over… time”. And while I understood that this was meant to apply to divine retribrution in the hereafter I was also often painfully reminded that my transgressions in the classroom were subject to a more immediate form of justice (and oft times, injustice) in the corporal sphere.

    In response to suggestions that we are having trial by media may I say that if the victims have been denied the opportunity of their offenders being tried before a judge and jury and if the bishops like Willie Walsh are continuing to resist such accounting in law then what else can he expect?

  • Fabianus

    Wonder what you make of this. I found it on p 525 of the Dublin report.

    “During the course of his interviews with the Gardaí, Fr [Noel] Reynolds admitted abusing one of the sisters when she was 11 and the other when she was six years old and putting his finger into their vaginas when they were in bed in their own home. He told the Gardaí that he was sexually attracted to young girls and that they were not the only two victims in Kilmore. He could remember about 20 girls in total; there were others in East Wall and on the island in the diocese of Tuam. He admitted inserting a crucifix into one girl’s vagina and back passage.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking you were reading a review of a bad horror/paranormal movie. But this actually happened. The fucker admitted to it.

    Anywhere else in the world and such a monster would have been tried, convicted and given a punishment to suit this horrible crime. But Irish law is otherwise:

    “The DPP was prepared to initiate a prosecution against Fr Reynolds and gave instructions to that effect. Following representations from his solicitor about Fr Reynolds’s deteriorating health, and specifically the medically verified onset on dementia, the DPP changed his mind. The two sisters were bitterly disappointed with the outcome.”

    I’ll bet they were.

  • Donnacha

    The thought that Noel Reynolds held my daughter in his arms when he baptised here makes me physically sick. Rory, I couldn’t agree more about the trial by media. It’s the only one we’re capable of having, so as far as I’m concerned on with the show. Is there no way former Garda seniors/Government ministers/DPPs can be done for dereliction of duty?

  • Fabianus


    It would be churlish of me to say I feel your outrage and disgust because I cannot. I can only imagine how you must feel at the thought of your daughter being (however briefly) in that man’s arms. I sympathise.

    “Is there no way former Garda seniors/Government ministers/DPPs can be done for dereliction of duty?”

    Not unless the victims are prepared to take the cases to Europe. In fact, any decent citizen of the Republic should press for this, notwithstanding whether they were abused. There are criminals of the very worst kind at large in Ireland and they must be hunted down and locked up.

    Unfortunately it ain’t going to happen. I’m old enough and cynical enough to know with near-certainty that the bastards will get away with it. There has to be a willingness among the Irish authorities to prosecute clergymen, and we all know there is not.