Gone but not forgotten

It has been almost 6 months since the European Parliament elections and while the north’s three MEPs have almost disappeared from the media and political radar, until the next election, the defeated Jim Allister continues to attract column inches and coverage way beyond the elected position he doesn’t hold and the strength of his party.

But what have de Brún, Dodds and Nicholson been at since they were sent off to Brussels? The European Parliament website gives some clues as it provides details on their Plenary Speeches (not always speeches), Parliamentary questions and almost pointless Motions for a Resolution. As yet it is not giving attendance information. This data can be pretty meaningless given the uninfluential, on a European level, Jim Allister previously trumped both de Brún and Nicholson in most areas.de Brún:

3 Parliamentary questions
1 Motion for a Resolution
6 Speeches in Plenary (4 in Irish)


16 Speeches in Plenary
No other activity


1 Parliamentary Question
4 Motions for a Resolution
9 Speeches in Plenary

Why not dip into their contributions and report any pearls of wisdom you come across. You’ll find Dodds ‘stands before’ people quite often.

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