Extra time in Paris

Where in the 90 minutes Ireland scored the away goal required to level the aggregate score in the World Cup qualifier against France. Full Time France 0 – 1 Ireland (agg 1-1). Live [radio] coverage here. Update A blatant hand-ball by Henri in 1st period of extra time, but the goal is given. France 1 – 1 Ireland (agg 2 – 1) And That’s how it ends. “A travesty in Paris”. Adds The Guardian’s coverage includes this quote from Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern – “Millions of people worldwide saw it was a blatant double handball – not to mention a double offside – and we should put the powers that be in the cosy world of Fifa on the spot and demand a replay.” More According to the BBC report – “The Football Association of Ireland has lodged a complaint with Fifa asking for their World Cup play-off against France to be replayed.” But Republic manager Giovanni Trapattoni does not expect a replay, “When a referee decides a game has finished I know it is impossible to replay the game”. Indeed. Finally Must read Mark Devenport.

Following swiftly on from the Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern’s demand for a replay, the Strangford intervention will surely tip the balance with Sepp Blatter.


  • Doctor Who

    Here is the great man Henry´s take on what happened.



    I wonder how much Ginola was paid to say that.

    The French are being naturally diplomatic about the incident, some of the folk hurling abuse in the direction of France, should perhaps take a leaf from their book.

  • kensei

    Who’s insulted the French? They appear genuinely embarassed. The only person that has been an ass is their manager, who they all hate anyway!

    Woa, Ginola looks *old* these days.

  • Doctor Who


    Look back over this and related threads. “Cheating French” and “Cheating French Scum” are just two examples. The scent of xenophobia is poluting the air in most of internet and media land.

    I think it looks bad on folk it Britain and Ireland when we set aside the word “cheat” solely for foreigners.

    The English still go on about Maradona, but never question the integrity of messrs Shearer, Owen, Gerrard etc. I sincerely hope ROI don´t follow that example.

  • kensei


    I think that’s just initial reaction. Most people have chilled since seeing the very fair reaction of the French. And it wasn’t cheating French group that hit 100,000 users on Facebook, it was cheating Henry.

  • Doctor Who

    The reaction by Thierry Henry was also more than fair and he doesn´t deserve this sort of vilification. His reaction and embarassment to the situation has made the ridiculous comaprison with the Maradona episode even nore daft. The little Argentine genius glorified in the “hand of God” euphoria.

    In the abscence of Bogie Man No.1 Osama Bin Laden, poor Henry has had to change his boots for Bin Ladens sandals.