And how was your weekend?

Did anything happen at the weekend’s “nice diversion” for the First and deputy First Ministers, et al, of the 13th British-Irish Council summit in Jersey? Apparently Peter Hain vetoed Edinburgh as a proposed site for the permanent secretariat, but on the theme of the summit – indigenous, minority and lesser-used languages? Here’s Northern Ireland Minister Paul Goggins’ statement

The Minister also welcomed recent comments by the Northern Ireland Culture Minister Nelson McCausland. “The St Andrews Agreement acknowledged the importance of language in its provisions on human rights, equality and mutual respect,” he said. “These provisions gave rise to the statutory duty on the Northern Ireland Executive to adopt strategies that enhance and protect the development of the Irish language and enhance and develop the Ulster Scots language, heritage and culture. “I very much welcome the recent commitment by Minister McCausland to bring forward such strategies and reaffirm the Government’s commitment to work with the Executive to support their development and implementation.”

Official BIC communiqué here. From the list of delegates, accompanying the NI First and deputy First Ministers was Junior Minister Newton, Culture Minister McCausland and Education Minister Ruane. Adds From the Assembly today, we have a junior ministerial statement.