Village Magazine editor more influential than Enda Kenny, according to Village Magazine…

I’m always intrigued as to how you might go about ordering the most influential people in a country from 1 – 100, but that’s what the Village Magazine has done by convening a committee of the great (Denis Hickie) and the good. Several things are worthy of note. Not least how far down the greasy poll comes the leader of the largest party in the Opposition: Enda comes in at 90!, two below Simon Cowell, and 60 behind Rupert Murdoch!!! (A touch of prejudicial bias coming in there lads, since you’ve put him 28 places below the editor of Village magazine!!!) And of all the influencers in Ireland, just two come from Northern Ireland (though the Village assigns in the international member for West Belfast at 69 to somewhere ‘other’ than ‘here’) make it to the top 100. And the First Minister only makes it by the skin of his teeth at 100.

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  • barelegs

    Had a laugh at that list alright. Is it just me or are Gerry Adams, Seamus Heaney, Sean Quinn and Mary McAleese also from northern Ireland. Gerry Adams ahead of Enda Kenny. That’ll be a blow to poor Enda’s ego. Indeed Richard Bruton at number 3 is an even bigger blow to the ego.

  • Rory Carr

    The disappointment at not finding myself numbered was at least allayed somewhat by the failure of both Daniel O’Donnell and Willie Frazer to make the list.

    Never mind, lads, there’s always next year (if Jedward doesn’t knock us out then).

  • joeCanuck

    They should have done the top 1000 just to see if G.Adams came out as 666.

    Cue left resident numerologist.

  • Greenflag

    Well at least the village readers have their priorities right 😉

    Placing Giovanni Trapattoni Manager of the Irish soccer team ahead of Pope Benedict XVI seems secular enough but placing the Archbishop of Armagh and Fr Brian McKevitt just ahead of Gordon Brown seems odd but placing Gordon Brown ahead of Gerry Adams seems strangely multicultural ?

    And I want to know from the committee of the great and good exactly what part of Brian Leninhan was educated at Cambridge . Was it any part above his navel 😉 ?

  • Eamonn Mallie


    Well spotted.

    I suspect the mechanics of these lists are pretty tough for a group to hammer out since without a single governing factor, you are left with all these strangely bended relationships to account for. I’m not so sure why Joan Bruton came so far down the list after Eamon Gilmore either.

  • Eamonn Mallie

    GRMA a chapaill, ach an tig leat an liathróid a aimsiú agus imirt ó am go ham? 😉

  • Peter Fyfe

    I am suprised there are no GAA figures in the list. They did not have to encourage Dunphy however, it would have been much better not to mention the muppet