Labour to protect the insiders, feck the unemployed?

The Indo report that Eamon Gilmore has ruled out cuts in pay for those with the safest jobs in the country – he will however save money by cutting €750 million from Capital Spending (that’s spending on infrastructure such as school buildings, roads, hospitals etc).

So there you have it, priorities clear as day – protect incumbent well-paid workers with safe jobs, cut spending that would create jobs. Feck the unemployed!

  • googoogaga

    the unemployed have only themselves to blame – they are entitled to be fecked as a fitting punishment for their feckless lifestyles on the back of the money-earners and taxpayers of this nation.

  • Brit


    So are the massive fluctuations in the unemployment rate explained by massive fluctuations in the levels of “fecklessness”?

  • eric

    That’s not true. Labour’s policy is to speed up the school building programme.

    One place Labour wanted to make changes was to cut the massive tax reliefs for landlords that have grown up in recent years. It was ironic yesterday that on RTE’s news at one when Gilmore suggested this the interviewer countered that this could not be unilaterally done and was an agreement that had to be renogotiated. Ironic given that the right-wing media all support unilateraterally cutting low paid public servants wages even though these are agreements that have to be re-negotiated.

    Gilmore to be fair has pointed out the massive inconsistency of paying private landlords to house 60,000 families on the public housing list while NAMA will take over much more empty properties from bankrupt developers over the coming years.

    Skewer the landlord class first and then by all means come back to tax the low paid if necessary

  • Mack

    Eric –

    He may want to speed up some programs within the NDP, but he is calling for the total Capital Spending budget to be cut by €750m.

    Based on his proposals reported in that article he seems to favour cutting spending that would create jobs and keeping wages high for those with jobs over alternative options. Do you disagree?

  • Greenflag

    Gilmore is a ‘smoked salmon socialist ‘ and has never been anything else except perhaps in his ‘younger days ‘. I don’t know why you seem to be surprised or disappointed by Gilmore’s statement ? It was to be expected .
    Par for the course -pass the next election please and see Labour mop up the public sector vote as a discredited FF make the cuts that are and will be necessary .

    I just wonder when the bould Enda Kenny will parrot his master’s voice on the so called left?

    Parish pump and electoral politics rules ko .

  • I wouldn’t call trade unions so much Labour insiders as Labour business partners.