The Doegen Records Web Project

The Doegen Records Web Project has gone on line. The Doegan records are a folklore collection of world significance and probably the most important of Ireland’s linguistic and folkloric collections. it is a great pity that we have had to wait this long to have them freely available – neverthless there are here now.

The original records were made in 1928-31 by the German Dr Wilhelm Doegen on the request of the Irish Government. The site has not been entirely translated to English as yet although I am sure that they will get round to it.
From an Ulster point of view there are 144 recordings, whilst 85 of those are from Donegal other counties are well respresented. It is a great pity that no Rathlin speakers are in the collection but alas a bout of flu in the island prevented people travelling to Belfast for the recordings. The dialect of Louth, if fact anywhere North of Dublin (even Dublin itself?) is also considered Ulster Irish.

It is my opinion that lesser spoken and ‘extinct’ dialects do have a role to play in language revival movements, both in terms of language itself and the identification of that language but I shall return again. Meanwhile I have alot of listening to do.